Weather in the Barron Park area of Palo Alto

I have been measuring rainfall since the year 1978/79 through 1984/85 and then 1989/90 through the present. During that 22 year period the year the wettest year was 1982-83, when Barron Park received 35.2 inches; 1997-98 was the second wettest with a total rainfall of 31.9 inches. Last year, 2005-06, rainfall amounted to only 21.4 inches or 21 percent above the median, amounting to 6 inches above the median (15.3). The median rainfall over this period is 15.3 inches; the driest year recorded amounted to only 8.9 inches in 1989-90.

It is interesting to note that over this twenty-two year period the mean rainfall has been higher than the median.

The year 2005 was also a little cooler than normal with the average temperature some 1.0 degrees below the fifteen-year average. Over the fifteen-year period that I have been measuring temperatures, the climate has been getting slightly cooler. As the Chart on annual temperatures shows, they have been declining by 0.13 degrees each year. While the globe maybe warming, Palo Alto has not been.


Chart of Cumulative Rainfall By Month in Barron Park for the year 2005-06, Updated October 25, 2006

Chart on Average Monthly Median Rainfall Updated October 25, 2006

Chart on Average Monthly High and Low Temperatures and the temperatures for 2006. Updated October 25, 2006.

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