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This is a page I created to store links to prior press coverage of my work.

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Information for the Press, and prior media coverage:

Age of Independence, Book How Couples Meet Interracial marriage and Interraciality
Children raised by same-sex couples    


     Related Figures and Data that I get asked for a lot:
      * A figure and worksheet describing the increasing percentage of American couples that are interracial, by several definitions of interracial.
      * A figure and worksheet describing the increasing number of interracial and same-sex couples in the US.
      * A figure and worksheet describing the decreasing support in the US for laws against interracial marriage.
      * Figures on the phantom boomerang, describing the rise of independent living which is the opposite of the boomerang theory that is so widely believed. Now updated with new figures 4 and 5 showing the rise of solo living among men and women of all ages (but especially senior women).

     PRESS Attention for my book, The Age of Independence: Interracial Unions, Same-Sex Unions and the Changing American Family, and related issues of family structure:
      *KGO Radio San Francisco, David Lazarus show, 1/20/2007
      *Chicago Tribune, cover story, "A Cultural Taboo Fades" on the rise of intermarriage, March 11, 2007
      *USA Today, "Boomerang Generation Mostly Hype," on the growing independence of young adults, March 14, 2007.
      *Featured on NBC national nightly news with Brian Williams, in their series on the "State of Our Unions," March 29, 2007, see the story and the video here. The video seems to work better with IE than Firefox...
      *USA Today, "Free as a Bird and Loving It: Being Single Has Its Benefits," April 12, 2007
      *AP National News, picked up by many papers including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Interracial Marriages Surge Across the US" April 13, 2007, another link is here.
      *WAOK talk radio Atlanta, Shelley Wynter show, April 13, 2007
      *Kieran Healy, blogging at Crooked Timber has some lovely things to say about my book and about the age of independence, and about David Brooks' typical misunderstanding of the independence of young adulthood.
      *KZSU radio Lunch Special show, hosted by Byrd, July 2,2007, interview (a 13 minute section of the hour long show, in mp3 format, 4.5MB).
      *I was a guest on Jefferson Public Radio's Jefferson Express show on October 5 (link provides audio files for the last 10 episodes only...)
      *I was quoted in a cover story in the Sunday Oregonian, Sept 23, 2007, titled "Marriage Today: Fewer I do's and more just I's," but no web link is currently available.
      *I was quoted in a December 14, 2007 story in The Indian Express, about intermarriage and Indian-Americans.
      *I was the September 13, 2009 guest on KALW's Sunday morning Philosophy Talk show, talking about the postmodern family.
      *On the subject of whether the recession is leading more single young people to live with their parents, I was quoted at length in a June 27, 2010 article by Kathleen Lynn.
      *I participated in a New York Times debate on the Boomerang generation, December 27, 2011.
      *USA Today story on marriage aspirations of singles from February 1, 2012, quoted me.
      * I was quoted in a New York Times piece on arranged marriages and love marriages, January 20, 2013.
      * On the subject of young adults living with their parents, see The Washington Post coverage of a Pew report from May 24, 2016.

      *On the subject of Barack Obama and multiracial America, I was cited in an interesting story by Charles Lewis in Canada's National Post, June 7, 2008. Obama's electoral success so far means this particular conversation about race and multiraciality will continue. In the New York Times coverage of Barack Obama's inauguration, in the January 21 2009 edition, Jodi Kantor wrote an interesting story about Obama's multiracial ancestry, which quoted me.

     On the rise of Interracial Marriage and Multiraciality in the US:
      *In recognition of the 40th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, the 1967 Supreme Court decision which ruled all state bans against interracial marriage unconstitutional, there were several stories, including:
      *Washington Post, Love is Colorblind, June 9, 2007
      *Stanford Report, "Nontraditional Unions got boost from Changing Family Structure, Sociologist Says," June 13, 2007
      *The Virginian-Pilot, "Mixed-Race Marriage Gained Legal Status in Virginia 40 Years Ago," June 10, 2007
      *If you have a print edition of the July, 2007 Cosmo, you'll find me on page 27.
      *The USA Today quoted me in a November 8, 2011 story on the rise of interracial marriage in the US.
     *In memory of the May, 2008 passing of Mildred Loving, one of the litigants in Loving v. Virginia, syndicated columnist Clarence Page wrote a nice column which cited me and which makes the relevant connection between the debate over same-sex marriage today and the legacy of Loving v. Virginia.
     * The Brooklyn (New York) Historical Society has a new exhibit, in the museum and online, called "Crossing Border, Bridging Generations," which includes an exhibit by me, called "Interracial Brooklyn."
     * On symbolism of the election of Bill de Blasio, a man in an interracial marriage with multiracial children, as mayor of New York City, I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on 11/6/2013, the day after de Blasio's election, see also this 11/16/2013 AP story about interraciality and de Blasio.



Coverage of the How Couples Meet and Stay Together studies:
      * USA Today, a nice story by Sharon Jayson on friends, the Web, and How Couples Meet. Feb 11, 2010.
      * Stanford Report, a feature story on How Couples Meet, with video. Feb 11, 2010.
      * San Jose Mercury News, "Growing Number of Singles Find Their Valentines Online," Feb 14, 2010.
      * CNN, "Mom's Post on 'Date My Single Kid' ", July 19, 2010.
      * NPR, "Computers are Becoming Cupid's Best Weapon," story by Jennifer Ludden August 16, 2010
      * Reuters news wire, Aug 16, 2010
      * Radio Nacional de Colombia, Aug 16, 2010
      * The Economist Magazine ran a story, "Love at First Byte" in their December 29, 2010 issue (hyperlink currently unreliable).
      * I was a guest on the hour-long radio show City Visions, hosted by KALW in San Francisco on February 14, 2011 (Valentine's Day). Link currently unavailable.
      * The Discovery Chanel ran a story, "Does Online Dating Work?" on Feb 11, 2011, and the the story was picked up by ABC News the next day.
      *The New York Times quoted me in a story "Love, Lies, and What They Learned" on November 12, 2011.
      *Stanford Alumni Magazine had a Valentine's Day (2012) Blog post about my research.
      * On gays and online dating, at the Huffington Post.
      * On the TV show "How I Met your Mother," in the Wall Street Journal in 2014.
      * On how couples deal with technology in The New York Times, Dec 3, 2014.
      * Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg's new book Modern Romance, relies substantially on the How Couples Meet data, and replicates key figures from the Rosenfeld and Thomas 2012 ASR paper. The Ansari time magazine article from June, 2015 replicates the "how couples met over time" figures and the Ansari and Klinenberg NY Times Sunday Review piece from June 13, 2015 features some of the findings from the same figures.
      * In response to the interesting debate between Vanity Fair and Tinder about the effect of the Internet on sex and relationships, The Washington Post on August 13, 2015 ran a review of what is known about the Internet and relationships, featuring the Rosenfeld and Thomas 2012 ASR paper.
      * Washington Post blog on the changing way Americans meet their partners, March 8, 2016. A Washington Post blog post from March 18, 2016, about the strong association between relationship duration and couple stability. Another Washington Post story, March 23, 2016, on the efficacy of online dating.
      * On the surprising commitment level and faster transitions to marriage for couples who met online, see this Sophia Kercher New York Times article from April 19, 2017.
      * On phone dating apps and their effect on relationships, I was interviewed on NPR's Here and Now show, May 15, 2017.
      * The Economist had an August 18, 2018 on "Meet Markets: How the Internet has changed dating"
      * The Washington Post had a story by Jenna Birch from September 13, 2018, about why it is so hard to turn a Tinder date into a relationship.
      * A feature story in the December, 2018 issue of the Atlantic by Kate Julian described the downward trend in sex and dating, and featured some findings from the 2017 wave of the HCMST on how few dates single heterosexuals go on.
      * Around the time of Valentines Day 2019, there were several stories about the paper "Disintermediating your Friends," showing a rise in heterosexual couples meeting online. See the story in Quartz, for example.
      * The rise of meeting online in HCMST 2017 was covered in the Washington Post in June, 2019.
      * Derek Thompson tweeted and wrote a story in the Atlantic July 21, 2019 about the rise of Internet dating in the US.
      * Emine Saner wrote an article in The Guardian, July 22, 2019, on the changing way heterosexual couples in the US meet.
      * There was a nice story in Stanford news, Aug 21, 2019, about our PNAS story on how Internet dating is overtaking the role of friends.
      * There was a nice story in the Boston Globe, Aug 21, 2019 by Martin Funucane, about the displacement of friends by the Internet in how heterosexual couples meet.

      Attention for the study of children raised by same-sex couples:
    * Stanford Report, a feature story on children raised by same-sex couples, with video, Aug 30, 2010
    * UPI coverage of the same story
    * My study of children raised by same-sex couples was cited in The Times of London, Oct 23, 2010, but the article is behind a pay-only firewall.
      *The evidence shows that same-sex couples do a perfectly fine job raising children. These couples need all the rights and recognition and obligations of marriage. See my June 19, 2008 Op-Ed in the Sacramento Bee. See also my paper on "Nontraditional Families and Childhood Progress Through School."
    * Work on the outcomes of children raised by same-sex couples has come under scrutiny since several of the Supreme Court justices raised (ill-informed) questions about this research during the oral arguments over the Proposition 8 and DOMA cases. See this interesting story in the LA Times from April 6, 2013.
    * I was cited in a Nov 26, 2013 New York Times story about gay parents, their children, and the changing American family.
    * Using my research showing good outcomes for children raised by same-sex couples, I testified as an expert witness in the DeBoer v. Snyder same-sex marriage federal trial in Michigan in February, 2014. See the New York Times coverage here, see Huffington Post story about the judge's decision here, and see the judge's decision here.
   * I was cited broadly in a feb 19, 2015 article by Emma Green in the Atlantic about why a new set of antigay family research is 'pseudoscience.'

     On the subject of changing American public opinion towards gay rights and gay marriage
    * I was quoted in a March 16, 2013 story in the Allentown Morning Call. I was quoted at length in an April, 2019 NPR podcast Hidden Brain about the radically changing history of American attitudes toward gay rights.

     On the subject of the breakup rate of same-sex and heterosexual couples
     * I (along with my 2014 JMF paper) were quoted in the Wall Street Journal on December 16, 2014.
     * And see The Washington Post Wonkblog on March 18, 2016.

     On the subject of the gender of breakup
     * My work on the gender of breakup, which was presented at the 2015 ASA meetings, received a lot of press coverage, including the New York Times blog Women in the World, The Washington Post, the Huffington Post, with coverage also in Time magazine, Medical Daily, the Daily Mail, and Live Science.