M. Godfrey Mungal

Professor Emeritus, Thermosciences Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 650-725-2019 | Fax: 650-723-1748 | E-mail: mungalATstanfordDOTedu


B.S. University of Toronto - Engineering Science (1975)
M.S. California Institute of Technology - Aeronautics (1977)
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology - Aeronautics (1983)

Research Interests

Professor Mungal's research efforts have covered subsonic and supersonic mixing and combustion, turbulent reacting jets in coflow and crossflow, image processing (volume rendering) of turbulent flows, drag reduction of bluff bodies, flame liftoff and blowout, flow in microchannels, studies of drag reducing polymers in turbulent boundary layer flows, the use of pulsed plasmas to control flame stability and the unstart process of supersonic inlets. He is the author or co-author of over 190 refereed and conference papers in these areas; fourteen examples of his research photographs and results have appeared in magazines, books or textbooks. He has won several teaching and advising awards including Stanford's Tau Beta Pi award for excellence in undergraduate teaching, and the School of Engineering Distinguished Advisor Award. Professor Mungal previously served as the director of the High Temperature Gasdynamics Laboratory, the Associate Chair for Student Services where he directed ABET accreditation efforts, and the Associate Dean for Graduate Policy where he implemented Stanford’s first Ph.D. exit survey. He was also the Resident Fellow at Rinconada House, a Stanford freshman dorm for six years. He is a member of the APS (Fellow), AIAA (Associate Fellow), ASME (Fellow), ASEE, and the Combustion Institute. He has served on several review panels for NIST, NSF, NASA and Sandia Livermore, and has given several invited lectures and short courses over the world including Australia, Belgium, France, India, Italy, South Africa and Japan. Professor Mungal became Professor Emeritus at Stanford University in October 2007 and currently serves as the Dean of Engineering at Santa Clara University. Recent Publications

Recent Publications

V. S. R. Somandepalli, Y. X. Hou, & M. G. Mungal (2010) “Concentration Flux Measurements in a Polymer Drag-Reduced Turbulent Boundary Layer,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 644, 281-319.

Wookyung Kim, M. G. Mungal & M. A. Cappelli (2010) “The role of in-situ reforming in plasma enhanced ultra lean premixed methane/air flames,” Combustion & Flame, 157, 374–383.

Wookyung Kim, Seong-kyun Im, Hyungrok Do & M. G. Mungal (2010) “Flame Liftoff Height Dependence on Geometrically Modified Bluff Bodies in a Vitiated Flow,” Experiments in Fluids 49, 27-41.

Hyungrok Do, Mark A. Cappelli & M. G. Mungal (2010) “Plasma assisted cavity flame ignition in supersonic flows,” Combustion & Flame, 157, 1783-1794.

Hyungrok Do, Seong-kyun Im, Mark A. Cappelli & M. G. Mungal (2010) “Plasma assisted flame ignition of supersonic flows over a flat wall,” Combustion & Flame, 157, 2298-2305.

H. El-Asrag, H. Pitsch, W. Kim, H. Do & M. G. Mungal (2011) “Damköhler Number Similarity for Static Flame Stability in Gaseous-Fueled Augmentor Flows,” Journal of Propulsion & Power, 183 (7), 718-737.


DOE/NNSA – PSAAP - Predictive Simulations of Multi-Physics Flow Phenomena, with Application to Integrated Hypersonic Systems.

NSF/DOE - Plasma Enhanced Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuels and Fuel Blends Using Nanosecond Pulsed Discharges.

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