Mary Varney Rorty






Mary Rorty is Clinical Associate Professor at the Stanford University Medical Center and a Fellow of the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics. Before coming to Stanford, she was Director of Advanced Studies at the University of Virginia's Center for Biomedical Ethics for five years. She previously served at the University of Virginia in various capacities in the Philosophy Department, Women's Studies Program, and School of Nursing. She has held teaching appointments at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Ryder College, Douglass College, San Francisco State University, and UC Santa Cruz.




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Recent Courses Taught

San Francisco State, Spring 2017: Phil 770 - Aristotle's Ethics
San Francisco State, Spring 2014: Phil 770 - Aristotle
San Francisco State, Spring 2012: Phil 770 - Plato and Aristotle
San Francisco State, Spring 2009: Phil 383 - Ethics in Medicine
UC Santa Cruz, Fall 2008: Phil 91 - Ancient Greek Philosophy
San Francisco State, Fall 2007: Phil 301 - Ancient Philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle)
San Francisco State, Fall 2005: Phil 363 - Ethics in Medicine