I love teaching (Note: NOT grading) and have enjoyed my share of teaching a variety of courses. Can't wait for more.

ENGR40M: An Introduction to Making, What is EE? Fall 2015 (current)

(Taught by Mark Horowitz)

This is primarily a hands-on course (read “cool”) focussing on labs where students get to build really funky stuff like a solar charger, a useless box, play with Arduinos by making the useless box ‘smart’, an LED cube and finally an EKG machine. Being a TA for this course is really helping me hone my teaching skills and my lab skills - teaching non-EE students about EE without burying them in jargon but still leaving them with sufficient knowledge that will allow them to build lots of EE things is no mean feat. Also working with such a huge and diverse set of students offers me a fresh perspective on learning everyday.

STEM classes at SPLASH


Splash is a program at Stanford where middle and high school kids invade the Stanford Campus for a two-day learning experience. The classes are primarily taught by Stanford students and span a wide range of topics.

Magic, Mystery and Math (Splash Fall 2015)

I'll be co-teaching this fun class with Ashwin Paranjape where we'll be dealing with curious phenomena that we observe everyday as well as in certain magic-like experiments that we perform. We're planning to have live demos and are targeting this for high-school students, who'll be young enough to get piqued by the mysteries yet old enough to understand the math behind them.

The P in Poker (Splash Spring 2015)

This was a class that I co-taught (again with Ashwin Paranjape) in the Spring. With Poker, there's a high chance that you keep losing but throw in Probability, and you can always know when the odds are good and the goods are odd. We used Poker to reinforce the concepts of Probability to high-school kids and used Probability to help them play a good hand of Poker.