Neil Malhotra

Professor of Political Economy

Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
655 Knight Way
Stanford, CA 94305-7298
(408) 772-7969
neilm (at)
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Business and Politics

I have studied numerous topics related to how public opinion influences the interplay between business and politics including  self-regulation, inequality, financial crises, globalization, and immigration.

Please find links to publications in this research area below:

Jares, Jake, and Neil Malhotra. In press. "Policy Impact and Voter Mobilization: Evidence from Farmers' Trade War Experiences." American Political Science Review.

Anzia, Sarah, Jake Jares, and Neil Malhotra. 2022. "Does Receiving Government Assistance Shape Political Attitudes? Evidence from Agricultural Producers."American Political Science Review. 116(4): 1389-1406.  

Simonovits, Gabor, Neil Malhotra, Raymond Lee, and Andrew Healy. 2021. "The Effect of Distributive Politics on Electoral Participation: Evidence from 70 Million Agricultural Payments." Political Behavior. 43: 737-750.

Liao, Steven, Neil Malhotra, and Benjamin J. Newman. 2020. ``Local Economic Benefits Increase Positivity toward Foreigners" Nature Human Behaviour. 4: 481-488.

Malhotra, Neil, Benoit Monin, and Michael Tomz. 2019. ``Does Private Regulation Preempt Public Regulation?" American Political Science Review. 113(1): 19-37.

Broockman, David, Gregory Ferenstein, and Neil Malhotra. 2019. ``Predispositions and The Political Behavior of American Economic Elites: Evidence from Technology Entrepreneurs'' American Journal of Political Science. 63(1): 212-233.

Newman, Benjamin, and Neil Malhotra. 2019. "Economic Reasoning with a Racial Hue: Is the Immigration Consensus Purely Race Neutral?" Journal of Politics. 81(1): 153-166.

McConnell, Christopher, Yotam Margalit, Neil Malhotra, and Matthew Levendusky. 2018. "The Economic Consequences of Partisanship in a Polarized Era." American Journal of Political Science. 62(1): 5-18.

Malhotra, Neil, and Benjamin Newman. 2017. “Explaining Immigration Preferences: Disentangling Skill and Prevalence” Research and Politics. 4(4): 1-6.

Malhotra, Neil, Yotam Margalit, and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo. 2013. “Economic Explanations for Opposition to Immigration: Distinguishing Between Prevalence and Conditional Impact." American Journal of Political Science. 57(2): 391-410.

Malhotra, Neil, and Yotam Margalit. 2010. “Short-Term Communication Effects or Longstanding Dispositions? The Public's Response to the Financial Crisis of 2008." Journal of Politics. 72(3): 852-867.