Neil Malhotra

Professor of Political Economy

Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
655 Knight Way
Stanford, CA 94305-7298
(408) 772-7969
neilm (at)
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Election Law, Election Administration,
and Voter Mobilization

I have examined the effects of various election administration laws on election outcomes including convenience voting and campaign finance reform. Further, I have explored novel means of increasing voter mobilization in the digitial age including text messaging, official emails, and reductions in the cost of voting. 

Please find links to publications in this research area below:

Michelson, Melissa R., Neil Malhotra, Andrew J. Healy, Donald P. Green, Allison Carnegie, and Ali Adam Valenzuela. 2012. “The Effect of Prepaid Postage on Turnout: A Cautionary Tale for Election Administrators." Election Law Journal. 11(3): 279-290.

Malhotra, Neil, Melissa R. Michelson, and Ali Adam Valenzuela. 2012. “Emails from Official Sources Can Increase Turnout." Quarterly Journal of Political Science. 7(3): 321-332.

Meredith, Marc, and Neil Malhotra. 2011. “Convenience Voting Can Change Election Outcomes." Election Law Journal. 10(3): 227-253.

Malhotra, Neil, Melissa R. Michelson, Todd Rogers, and Ali Adam Valenzuela. 2011. “Text Messages as Mobilization Tools: The Conditional Effects of Habitual Voting and Election Salience." American Politics Research. 39(4): 664-681.

Malhotra, Neil. 2008. “The Impact of Public Financing on Electoral Competition: Evidence from Arizona and Maine." State Politics and Policy Quarterly. 8(3): 263-281.