Neil Malhotra

Professor of Political Economy

Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
655 Knight Way
Stanford, CA 94305-7298
(408) 772-7969
neilm (at)
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Public Finance and Political Institutions

I have analyzed how various legislative institutions affect public policy outputs such as expenditures and budgeting. The institutions I have studied include districting and legislature size, legislative professionalism, and term limits. Much of this research employs empirical strategies designed to identify the causal effects of these institutions on fiscal outcomes. 

Please find links to publications in this research area below:

Keele, Luke, Neil Malhotra, and Colin McCubbins. 2013. “Do Term Limits Restrain State Fiscal Policy? Approaches for Causal Inference in Assessing the Effects of Legislative Institutions." Legislative Studies Quarterly. 38(3): 291-326.

Elis, Roy, Neil Malhotra, and Marc Meredith. 2009. “Apportionment Cycles as Natural Experiments." Political Analysis. 17(4): 358-376. 

Malhotra, Neil. 2008. “Disentangling the Relationship between Legislative Professionalism and Government Spending." Legislative Studies Quarterly. 33(3): 387-414.

Chen, Jowei, and Neil Malhotra. 2007. “The Law of k/n: The Effect of Chamber Size on Government Spending in Bicameral Legislatures." American Political Science Review. 101(4): 657-676.

Malhotra, Neil. 2006. “Government Growth and Professionalism in U.S. State Legislatures." Legislative Studies Quarterly. 31(4): 563-584.