Website of the literary historian and critic Nicholas Jenkins.

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I teach at Stanford University in California, where I am an associate professor of English, specializing in the study of modern and contemporary poetry, primarily but not exclusively that written in English.

This site is organized to provide information about my main professional activities: my published work on modern poetry, especially W. H. Auden's, my involvement with the literary translation series "Facing Pages", my position as literary executor of Lincoln Kirstein, and my academic teaching and lecturing.

My blog contains notes and ideas, thoughts and images, which have stayed with me long enough to get written down.

From here as well you can link to the "W. H. Auden - Family Ghosts" website, a genealogical database listing of more than 13,000 individuals which is part of my attempt to re-embed Auden in English, American and German cultural and social history. You can also read my commentary on "Family Ghosts" and in "Hotspots" browse through a set of signposts to well-known figures who are part of the Auden tree.

Finally, you can learn more about my forthcoming book, The Island: W. H. Auden and the Regeneration of England, which will be published in 2010 by Belknap/Harvard University Press in the United States and by Faber and Faber in the United Kingdom. Like to watch the trailer for The Island? Then click here.

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