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February 04, 2008

a super tuesday not a good friday

Tomorrow, in the Democratic Presidential primary in California, I shall eligible to vote for the first time in the United States. (Indeed, if memory serves, I shall, shamefully, be voting for the first time in my life.)

In spite of all the horrors, tragedies and disasters which occur day by day in this country, I think it is impossible, at least for a European, not to feel that this place is still a work-in-progress in a way in which Europe is fundamentally not. And for that reason, and even while acknowledging that the course of history is not simply about individuals or the sum of election results, it just isn't possible for me to feel cynical about tomorrow's events. It has something to do with having a family; it has something to do with wanting to hope.

For a clue about how I shall be casting my first vote in the Presidential primary, check out this video:

As of this writing, this youtube.com version alone (one of many) has been viewed well over half a million times. For the full screen original, with credits and production details, visit DipDive.

Whatever happens, make sure you have a great day.

Posted by njenkins at February 4, 2008 03:15 PM

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