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work on other authors/media

This is a selective listing of my publications on writing by authors other than W. H. Auden and on art and other subjects. For a listing of my work directly concerned with the poetry and life of Auden, click here.

Edited book:

By With To & From: A Lincoln Kirstein Reader (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1991)

Essays, reviews, articles, notes:

"No Cloud in Sight: Larkin’s Traumatic Skies" in Zachary Leader, ed., The Movement (Oxford UP, forthcoming)

"The Last Tycoon" [on Lincoln Kirstein] in Raritan (Fall 2007, forthcoming) and in Nancy R. Reynolds, ed., Remembering Lincoln (New York: Eakins Press, 2007; forthcoming)

"'Running on the Waves': Pollock, Lowell, Bishop and the American Ocean", Yale Review, 95.2 (April 2007), 46-82

“Wokół ‚Autoportretu’ Johna Ashbery’ ego” ["Looking into John Ashbery's 'A Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror'"], Literatura na świecie [World Literature, Warsaw], 7-8 (2006), 24-51

"Under-exposure" [review of John Sutherland, Stephen Spender: The Authorized Biography and Stephen Spender, New Collected Poems], Times Literary Supplement, 13 Aug. 2004, pp. 3-6

"In the Anti-World" [review-essay on Mark Ford, Raymond Roussel and the Republic of Dreams], London Review of Books, 23.17 (16 Sept. 2001), 3, 5-8

"The Story of A" [review of Ian Hamilton, A Gift Imprisoned: The Poetic Life of Matthew Arnold], New York Times Book Review, 20 June 1999, pp. 12-13

"Found in Translation" [review of Eugenio Montale, Collected Poems 1920-1954], New York Times Book Review, 21 Feb. 1999, pp. 12-13

"For 'Mother' Read 'Other'" [review of Paul Muldoon, Hay], Times Literary Supplement, 5000 (29 Jan. 1999), 9-10

"Hope Harvested" [review of Albert Gelpi, Living in Time: The Poetry of C. Day Lewis], Times Literary Supplement, 11 Sept. 1998, p. 25

"Bunny, Turtle and Gator" [review of Marianne Moore, The Selected Letters of Marianne Moore], Times Literary Supplement, 4964 (22 May 1998), 3-4

"The Great Impresario" [on Lincoln Kirstein], New Yorker, 74.8 (13 April 1998), 48-61

"A Life of Beginnings" [review of John Ashbery, The Mooring of Starting Out], New York Times Book Review, 4 Jan. 1998, pp. 14-15

"The Averageness of Freaks" [review of Nan Goldin, I'll Be Your Mirror], Times Literary Supplement, 4919 (11 July 1997), 8

"An Elegiac Allemande" [review of Edmund White, The Farewell Symphony], Times Literary Supplement, 4909 (2 May 1997), 23

"More American Than We Knew" [review of T. S. Eliot, Inventions of the March Hare], New York Times Book Review, 20 April 1997, pp. 14-15

"Black Power" [review of John Harvey, Men in Black], Yale Review, 84.3 (July 1996), 126-33

"Walking on Air" [review of Seamus Heaney, The Spirit Level], Times Literary Supplement, 4866 (5 July 1996), 10-12

"Joy in the Bookish Dark" [review of Mark Strand, Selected Poems], Times Literary Supplement, 4859 (17 May 1996), 25

"Comment: Veil of Tears", New Yorker, 72.9 (22 April 1996), 7-8

"Some of the Museum's Glass Apricots" [review of Mark Doty, My Alexandria], Times Literary Supplement, 4840 (5 Jan. 1996), 22

"A Large Eye Peering Into a Small Room" [review of Barbara J. Bloemink, The Life and Art of Florine Stettheimer, and Elisabeth Sussman, et al., Florine Stettheimer: Manhattan Fantastica], Times Literary Supplement, 4832 (10 Nov. 1995), 12

"Edward Hopper and the American Imagination", ARTnews, 94.8 (Oct. 1995), 145

"Starting from Welwyn" [review of Glyn Maxwell, Rest for the Wicked], Times Literary Supplement, 4810 (9 June 1995), 30

"Nauman's Land", Times Literary Supplement, 4807 (19 May 1995), 17

"Cabined and Confined" [review of Luke Jennings, Atlantic], Times Literary Supplement, 4797 (10 March 1995), 25

"Comment: Dirty Needle", New Yorker, 70.42 (19 Dec. 1994), 5-6

"The Errant Elitist" [review of Aldous Huxley, The Hidden Huxley], Times Literary Supplement, 4766 (5 Aug. 1994), 9

"The House of Hef" [review of Alice K. Turner, ed., Playboy Book of Short Stories], Times Literary Supplement, 4747 (25 March 1994), 20

"Spoilt for Choice" [review of Daniel L. Magida, The Rules of Seduction], Times Literary Supplement, 4709 (2 July 1993), 22

"Gerhard Richter", ARTnews, 92.3 (March 1993), 111-12

"Odilon Redon", ARTnews, 92.2 (Feb. 1993), 108

"Magritte: Mining the Unconscious", ARTnews, 91.10 (Dec. 1992), 109-10

"Lucian Freud: The Complete Etchings", ARTnews, 91.9 (Nov. 1992), 137-38

"Smiley Culture" [review of Jane Smiley, A Thousand Acres], Vogue (U. K.), 156.10 (Oct. 1992), 71

"The Poetic Trace: Aspects of British Abstraction Since 1945", ARTnews, 91.7 (Sept. 1992), 116

"The End of Art History" [review of Arthur C. Danto, Beyond the Brillo Box: The Visual Arts in Post Historical Perspective], New York Newsday, 23 Aug. 1992, Sunday Books, 37

"Elizabeth Newman", ARTnews, 91.6 (Summer 1992), 131-32

"Notes from New York" [review of Jay McInerney, Brightness Falls], Times Literary Supplement, 4650 (May 15, 1992), 20

"From the Age of Columbus and Shen Zhou", ARTnews, 91.1 (Jan. 1992), 134

"Laurie Simmons", ARTnews, 91.1 (Jan. 1992), 119

"Philip Guston", ARTnews, 90.10 (Dec. 1991), 121

"One Man's Meat" [review of Poison, dir. by Todd Haynes], Times Literary Supplement, 4624 (15 Nov. 1991), 19

"The Library", ARTnews, 90.8 (Oct. 1991), 133

"Ad Reinhardt", ARTnews, 90.8 (Oct. 1991), 127

"Art of the Forties", ARTnews, 90.6 (June 1991), 154

"The Drawings of Henry Fuseli", ARTnews, 90.5 (May 1991), 159

"The Man from Málaga" [review of John Richardson, A Life of Picasso, vol. 1], ARTnews, 90.5 (May 1991), 99

"A Guide to Bohemia" [review of Kenneth Silver, Esprit de Corps], ARTnews, 90.3 (March 1991), 88

"Crossing Lines" [review of David Grossman, The Smile of the Lamb], Vogue (U. K.), 156.2 (Feb. 1991), 54

"Robert Cottingham", ARTnews, 90.2 (Feb. 1991), 136

"Everyday Art Objects" [review of MoMA's "High and Low" show], Times Literary Supplement, 4575 (7-13 Dec. 1990), 1321

"The Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting", ARTnews, 89.10 (Dec. 1990), 169

"Wright of Derby", ARTnews, 89.10 (Dec. 1990), 165-66

"Shocked by the New, Shaken by the Newer" [review of Robert Hughes, Nothing If Not Critical], New York Newsday, 18 Nov. 1990, Currents, p. 18

"Ruskin: Too Seldom Read, Too Often Written About" [review of Wolfgang Kemp, The Desire of My Eyes: The Life and Work of John Ruskin], New York Newsday, 11 Oct. 1990, Part II, p. 4

"The Rime of a True Romantic" [review of Richard Holmes, Coleridge: Early Visions], New York Newsday, 20 May 1990, Ideas, p. 20

"Hero's Gold" [on St. Gaudens's statue of William Tecumseh Sherman at the southest corner of Central Park, NYC], ARTnews, April 1990, p. 37

"A Murdered Love Goddess in Apocalyptic London" [review of Martin Amis, London Fields], New York Newsday, 1 March 1990, Part 2, pp. 2-3, 21

"Eliot: Pride and Prejudice" [review of Christopher Ricks, T. S. Eliot and Prejudice], New York Newsday, 12 Nov. 1989, Ideas, p. 19

[Review of Andrew Vachss, Blue Belle], Vogue (U. K.), June 1989, pp. 56, 58

"Freelance" [comments on the auction of Andy Warhol's estate], Times Literary Supplement, 23 May-2 June 1988

"Scotland's Burning, Look Yonder" [review of James Kelman, Greyhound for Breakfast], Los Angeles Times Book Review, 10 April 1988, p. 11

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"Saul Bellow" [review of Bellow, More Die of Heartbreak], Vogue (U. K.), Oct. 1987

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"Speak, Memorabilia" [review of exhibition "The Name and Nature of A. E. Housman"], Times Literary Supplement, 24 Oct. 1986, p. 1193

"Obsessed by Gardens" [review of John Lehmann, New and Selected Poems], Times Literary Supplement, 1 Aug. 1986

"Curdled Poems" [review of John Ashbery, Selected Poems and U. A. Fanthorpe, Selected Poems], Literary Review, Aug. 1986, pp. 43-4

"Retrospective Intimacy" [review of W. B. Yeats, Collected Letters, vol. 1 and Randall Jarrell, Randall Jarrell's Letters], Literary Review, July 1986, p. 52

"Rocketry of Epithet" [review of Amy Clampitt, What the Light Was Like and J. D. McClatchy, Stars Principal], Poetry Review, 76.1/2 (June 1986), pp. 102-03

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[Review of William Scammell, Jouissance], Poetry Review, 75.1 (April 1985), 61

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