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The courses taught by Nicholas Jenkins at Stanford University in the academic year 2005-06 will be:

Fall 05
Poetry and Poetics (MTW 10:00-10:50) — English 160

Winter 06
Reading W. B. Yeats (MW 3:15-5:05) — English 150F
The Journey: Pound, Bishop, Walcott (TTh 3:15-5:05) — English 155

Spring 06
Imagism: The Bigger Picture (MW 3:15-5:05) — English 258

Jenkins will be giving the following presentations or lectures during the academic year 2005-06:

Nov. 05
"'It is Like What We Imagine Knowledge To Be': The Ocean at Mid-Century", Modernist Studies Association conference, Chicago

Jan. 06
"His Master's Voice: Larkin's Auden", conference on "The Movement and Modernism", Huntington Library, Pasadena

April 06
"The Oceanic Feeling: Pollock's and Lowell's Sublimes", Americanist Colloquium, Yale University, New Haven

May 06
Stanford Alumni Book Salon guest host for discussion of Stendhal's novel The Red and the Black, Stanford University, Stanford