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Auden and Politicians, Political Figures

As on all these 'Hotspots' pages, the 'I' number within parentheses following each name indicates the unique number assigned to the person in the 'Family Ghosts' database; a search on that number will produce the full record for that person. Numerous brief biographies for all individuals mentioned on this page are available on the Web and so, with exceptions, detailed personal histories are not given in 'Family Ghosts'.

Clicked on, the links listed will produce a diagram of the directest relation between the individual in question and Auden, including those constructed through marriage or (in genealogical jargon) 'connection', that is out-of-wedlock relationships. Limitations of the software used make it impossible to differentiate visually in these 'Relationship Charts' between marriages and connections. In these charts, all sexual relationships which produced children are subsumed under the rubric of marriage. No moral point is attached to this enforced generalization, and in all cases fuller, more accurate descriptions of the nature of the relationship(s) diagrammed are given in the records for the individuals concerned.


Spurned Queens and Consorts

Anne Boleyn, Queen Consort of England (I2373), bet 1501 and 1507-1536, Henry VIII’s second wife; relation to Auden

Catherine Howard, Queen Consort of England (I2354), bet 1520 and 1525-1542, Henry VIII’s fifth wife; relation to Auden

Caroline of Brunswick, Queen Consort of England (I3911) 1768-1821, relation to Auden

Diana Windsor, Princess of Wales (I1976), 1961-1997, Auden was her 20th cousin once removed; relation to Auden, see also



Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex (I3601), 1485-1540, royal minister of Henry VIII; relation to Auden

Sir Nicholas Bacon (I1791), 1510-1579, lawyer, administrator, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, Auden was 10 times great grandson; relation to Auden

Sir William Cecil, Lord Burghley (I1801), 1521-1598, Elizabeth I's main political advisor, Auden was his 11 times great nephew; relation to Auden

Lady Dorothy Stafford (I3706), 1526-1604, close friend of Elizabeth I; relation to Auden

Elizabeth Hardwicke, Countess of Shrewsbury (I2866), 1527-1508, 'Bess of Hardwicke'; relation to Auden

Sir Frances Walsingham (I2365), 1532-1590, Elizabeth I's 'spymaster'; relation to Auden

Sir Thomas Knyvett (I3415), 1545-1622, the leader of the search party in November 1605 which discovered Guy Fawkes guarding barrels of gunpowder underneath the House of Lords, Auden was his second cousin 11 times removed; relation to Auden

Sir Walter Ralegh (I3757), 1554-1618; relation to Auden

Sir Philip Sidney (I2367), 1554-1586; relation to Auden

Sir Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam (I1797), 1561-1626, Auden was the 10 times great grandson of Bacon’s father, Sir Nicholas Bacon (I1791; see above); relation to Auden

Sir Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury (I2368), 1563-1612, Elizabeth I's private secretary; relation to Auden

Sir Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (I2363), 1566-1601, favourite of Elizabeth I; relation to Auden

George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham (I3392), 1592-1628, James I's favourite -- Auden was the fourth cousin nine times removed of Lady Katherine Manners (I3393), Buckingham's wife; relation to Auden

James Butler, Duke of Ormonde (I2147), 1610-1688, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; relation to Auden

Sir Henry Firebrace (I905), 1619-1691, attended Charles I on the scaffold in January 1649; relation to Auden



[in all, 59 "commissioners" signed the death-warrant for Charles I]

Sir John Danvers (I4104), 1585-1655; relation to Auden

Thomas Chaloner (I3838), 1595-1660; relation to Auden

Sir John Bourchier (I3871), 1595-1660; relation to Auden

Oliver Cromwell (I3587), 1599-1658, Auden was his twelfth cousin ten times removed; relation to Auden


Other Republicans

John Hampden (I3582), 1594-1643, "Patriae Pater" ["The Father of the Country"], famous opponent of Charles I's ship money tax, Auden was his 12th cousin nine times removed; relation to Auden

Algernon Sidney (I2899), 1623-1683, republican theorist; relation to Auden


American Colonists

Governor Thomas Dudley (I5553), 1576-1653, second governor of Massachusetts; Auden was his eighth cousin ten times removed; relation to Auden (see also Dudley's daughter, the poet Anne Bradstreet (I5558), here)


British Prime Ministers

Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford (I1339), 1676-1745; relation to Auden

William Pitt, Earl of Chatham (I1949), 1708-1778; relation to Auden

George Grenville (I1942), 1712-1770; relation to Auden

Sir John Stuart, Earl of Bute (I1735), 1713-1792; relation to Auden

James Waldegrave, Earl Waldegrave (I1922), 1715-1763, Auden was his 13th cousin six times removed; relation to Auden

Sir William Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire (I1668), 1720-1764, Auden was his ninth cousin four times removed; relation to Auden

William Petty, Earl of Shelburne (I1816), 1737-1805; relation to Auden

William Henry Cavendish Cavendish-Bentinck, Duke of Portland (I1671), 1738-1809, Auden was his ninth cousin four times removed; relation to Auden

William Pitt (I1952), 1759-1806; relation to Auden

William Wyndham Grenville, Baron Grenville (I1943), 1759-1834; relation to Auden

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington (I2007), 1769-1852; relation to Auden

Lord John Russell, Earl Russell (I4369), 1792-1878; relation to Auden

Sir Winston Churchill (I2135), 1874-1965; relation to Auden


Indian Independence Leader

Woomesh Chandra Bonnerjee (I608), 1844-1906, first President of the Indian National Congress; relation to Auden


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