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Auden and Doctors, Inventors and Scientists

On all these 'Hotspots' pages, the 'I' number within parentheses following each name indicates the unique number assigned to the person in the 'Family Ghosts' database; a search on that number will produce the full record for that person. Numerous brief biographies for all individuals mentioned on this page are available on the Web and so, with exceptions, detailed personal histories are not given in 'Family Ghosts'.

Clicked on, the links listed will produce a diagram of the directest relation between the individual in question and Auden, including those constructed through marriage or (in genealogical jargon) 'connection', that is out-of-wedlock relationships. Limitations of the software used make it impossible to differentiate visually in these 'Relationship Charts' between marriages and connections. In these charts, all sexual relationships which produced children are subsumed under the rubric of marriage. No moral point is attached to this enforced generalization, and in all cases fuller, more accurate descriptions of the nature of the relationship(s) diagrammed are given in the records for the individuals concerned.


Robert Boyle (I4399), 1627-1691, natural philosopher; relation to Auden

William Herschel (I1511), 1738-1832, astronomer, discover of Uranus; relation to Auden

Daniel Rutherford (I1589), 1749-1819, physician, chemist, first person to isolate nitrogen; relation to Auden

John Herschel (I1509), 1792-1871, astronomer; relation to Auden

Henry Fox Talbot (I957), 1800-1877, pioneer of photography, inventor of the negative/positive photographic process; relation to Auden

Daniel Rutherford Haldane (I1623), 1824-1887, Edinburgh physician; relation to Auden

John Scott Burdon-Sanderson (I1600), 1828-1905, pathologist and physiologist; relation to Auden

William James Herschel (I1508), 1833-1917, first person to use finger-printing as a means of identification; relation to Auden

John Scott Haldane (I1577), 1860-1936, physiologist; relation to Auden

J. B. S. Haldane (I1579), 1892-1964, geneticist; relation to Auden

Werner Heisenberg (I662), 1901-1976, physicist, Nobel Prize-winner; relation to Auden

John B. Auden (I4), 1903-1991, geologist, especially of the Indian sub-continent, he was W. H. Auden's brother; relation to Auden


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