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Auden and Military Figures, Adventurers and Crusaders

As on all these 'Hotspots' pages, the 'I' number within parentheses following each name indicates the unique number assigned to the person in the 'Family Ghosts' database; a search on that number will produce the full record for that person. Numerous brief biographies for all individuals mentioned on this page are available on the Web and so, with exceptions, detailed personal histories are not given in 'Family Ghosts'.

Clicked on, the links listed will produce a diagram of the directest relation between the individual in question and Auden, including those constructed through marriage or (in genealogical jargon) 'connection', that is out-of-wedlock relationships. Limitations of the software used make it impossible to differentiate visually in these 'Relationship Charts' between marriages and connections. In these charts, all sexual relationships which produced children are subsumed under the rubric of marriage. No moral point is attached to this enforced generalization, and in all cases fuller, more accurate descriptions of the nature of the relationship(s) diagrammed are given in the records for the individuals concerned.


Byrhtnoth (I2448), about 930-991, leader of the English forces killed by the Danes at the Battle of Maldon in 991, Auden was his 31 times great nephew; relation to Auden

Stephen II Henry, Count of Blois (I2388), about 1045-1102, crusader, Auden was his 25 times great nephew; relation to Auden

Eustace III, Count of Boulogne (I2590), (d. about 1125), crusader, Auden was his 25 times great nephew; relation to Auden

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (I1269), 1340-1399, Auden was his 17 times great nephew; relation to Auden

George Carew (I3790), about 1504-1545, commander of the Tudor flagship Mary Rose; relation to Auden

Hugh O'Neill, 2nd Earl of Tyrone (I2199), 1565-1616, leader of the resistance to Tudor colonization of Ireland; relation to Auden

Bartholomew Gosnold (I3640), 1572-1607, the mariner who named Martha's Vineyard and was one of the main forces in the colonization of Virginia, Auden was his third cousin nine times removed; relation to Auden

Admiral Horatio Nelson (I1889), 1758-1805; relation to Auden

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington (I2007), 1769-1852; relation to Auden

General Winfield Scott (I4334), 1786-1866, most important commander in US Army during the first half of the 19th century; relation to Auden

Francis Lyall Birch (I711), 1889-1956, senior intelligence officer, served at Bletchley Park during World War II, Auden was his second cousin; relation to Auden


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