Course Announcements

May 31, 2012:
If you have already downloaded for Project 8, please download the latest version and use it instead of what you previously downloaded. The old version had a bug (acquired while upgrading it from Rails 2 to Rails 3) that lowered its defenses, making it even easier to attack than it is supposed to be. The CAs will use the new version when grading the project; if you only test against the old version, your attack may not succeed when the CAs try it.

Sorry about this bug.
May 31, 2012:
Here is a sample final examination you can use to help study for the upcoming final exam.
May 29, 2012:
Unfortunately the first section for Project 7 appears to have included a near-complete solution to Project 7. This was a mistake. We are removing these materials from the Web, and today's discussion section will take a different approach. If you saw the materials from the first section, please put them aside and do not consult the code as you write your Project 7; we want you to figure this stuff out for yourself. In particular, you may not submit the section code for Project 7, or anything that looks essentially the same. As long as you write your own code without looking at the section code you should be fine, even if you have seen the materials from the section.

I'm very sorry for this confusion.
May 21, 2012:
If you have a conflict with the final exam time, please send an email to John Ousterhout (ouster@cs) no later than Friday, May 25, giving the reason for your conflict and all your available times for an alternate exam on Tuesday, June 12. If you need extra time on the final because of an accommodation, also send an email by Friday, May 25 (you may need to take the exam on Tuesday also, depending on how much extra time you need).
May 8, 2012:
Important midterm information: when you come to the exam, bring with you a copy of your solution for Project 4 (migrations, models, controllers, views, partials, layouts, and stylesheets). You will need this information for the exam. You can also bring an additional two double-sided pages containing any other notes you wish.

If you arrive at the exam at 7:25 or earlier, please come to Braun Auditorium or Braun Lecture Hall first. If you arrive after 7:25, go to Hewlett 201. The exam in Hewlett will start and end about 10 minutes later than the exam in Braun.
May 2, 2012:
Here is a sample midterm you can use to help study for the upcoming midterm.
April 18, 2012:
If you have a conflict with the time for the midterm exam (Thursday, May 10, 7:30-9:30 p.m.), see the notice on Piazza and follow the instructions.
April 2, 2012:
The Monday and Tuesday discussion sections will not meet during the first week of classes. See the class information page for details.
March 26, 2012:
As of March 26, enrollment in this class is closed. Here is a form letter that I am sending to students inquiring about getting into the class:

Unfortunately we have had to close enrollment for CS 142 due to unexpectedly high demand. At this point we will not be able to accept any additional students, with the possible exception of graduating senior CS majors. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause, but we simply don't have the resources to handle more students. More than 340 people have enrolled, versus 110 the last time the course was taught. We changed to a larger classroom to accommodate the demand, but enrollment has substantially exceeded the capacity of the largest available room. Furthermore, we are having difficulty finding enough qualified CAs.

To make matters worse, the number of students asking about enrollment has exceeded my email-handling capacity, so this is a form response; apologies for not being able to respond in a more personal fashion.

If you are a graduating senior CS major I will try to find a way to get you into the class; I should have more details this week (but I can't make any promises). If you fit this category and have not already identified yourself as such, please let me know. I know some of you have other important reasons for needing to take the class now, but I don't think we will be able to make any exceptions to the "graduating senior CS major" rule.

Again, apologies for this frustrating situation.

-John Ousterhout-