Photovoltaic Retinal Prosthesis

Optoelectronic system for restoration of sight to the blind based on patterned electrical stimulation of the retinal neurons via subretinal photovoltaic array.


Interferometric imaging of neural signals

Optical label-free detection of neural activity and dynamics of cellular metabolism based on interferometric imaging with sub-nanometer precision.


Retinal Plasticity

Migration and rewiring of retinal neurons after transplantation of photoreceptors into degenerate retina for restoration of sight. Rescue of photoreceptors by balancing retinal metabolic supply and demand using selective laser therapy.


Laser-Tissue Interactions

Mechanisms of interaction of pulsed lasers with biological cells and tissues including pulsed hyperthermia, photocoagulation, explosive vaporization, photodissociation, and multiphoton ionization. Development of ophthalmic applications of these interactions.