Philosophy of Mind

Stanford Bing Overseas Program, Oxford
Professor: Paul Skokowski
Winter / Hilary Term, 2017
Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 PM
Office Hours: TBA

Chalmers, Philosophy of Mind: Classical and Contemporary Readings
(Chapter references below are to Chalmers unless otherwise noted.)

This is a preliminary schedule and will change.

Introduction, Dualism and Epiphenomenalism

Week 1
Overview of Course Content, Schedule, Assignments and Grading
Descartes, Meditations, Ch. 1
Descartes, Passions of the Soul, Ch. 2
Skokowski, One Philosopher is Correct (Maybe). Australasian Journal of Logic, 2010, 9(1).

Week 2
Malebranche, The Search for Truth
Leibniz, The Nature and Communication of Substances (from: New System, and Explanation of the New System)
Huxley, On the Hypothesis that Animals are Automata, Ch. 3
Smullyan, The Unfortunate Dualist, Ch. 4

Logical Positivism and Behaviorism

Week 3
Schlick, Positivism and Realism
Ryle, Descartes' Myth, Ch. 5
Carnap, Psychology in Physical Language, Ch. 6
Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations, Sec. 293

Mind-Brain Identity Theories

Week 4
Putnam, Brains and Behavior, Ch. 7
Place, Is Consciousness a Brain Process?, Ch. 8
Smart, Sensations and Brain Processes, Ch. 9
Feigl, The Mental and the Physical, Ch. 10


Week 5
Putnam, The Nature of Mental States, Ch. 11
Armstrong, The Causal Theory of the Mind, Ch. 12

Week 6
Block, Troubles with Functionalism, Ch. 14
Searle, Minds, Brains, and Programs

Mental Content, Intentionality and Propositional Attitudes

Week 7
Brentano, The Distinction between Mental and Physical Phenomena, Ch. 44
Dretske, A Recipe for Thought, Ch. 46
Dennett, True Believers, Ch. 52


Week 8
Nagel, What is it Like to be a Bat?, Ch. 25
Jackson, Epiphenomenal Qualia, Ch. 28
Block, Concepts of Consciousness, Ch. 24

Week 9
Chalmers, Facing up to the Hard Problem of Consciousness, Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2(3): 35-40, 1995.
Tye, M., Colors and other "Secondary Qualities"
Skokowski, I, Zombie

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