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distributed by Patrick Barnes, MD
[PDF] Imaging of the Central Nervous System in Suspected or Alleged Nonaccidental Injury, Including the Mimics
[PDF] Keller, Barnes: Rickets vs. Abuse plus Editorials, Pediatric Radiology 2008; 38:1210
[PDF] Keller, Barnes: Rickets vs. Abuse - The Evidence: Reply, Pediatric Radiology 2009; 39:1130
[PDF] Evidence-Based Update: Brain Imaging in Nonaccidental Injury
[PDF] Barnes, Krasnokutsky, Monson, Ophoven: Traumatic Spinal Injury: Accidental Versus Nonaccidental Injury, Sem Ped Nurology, 2008
[PDF] Editorial response to Traumatic Spinal Injury (etc), Sem Ped Neurology, 2008
[PDF] Barnes, Galaznik, Gardner, Shuman: Infant ALTE - Dysphagic Choking vs. NAI, Sem Ped Neurology, 2010
[DOI] Barnes: Imaging of Nonaccidental Injury and the Mimics: Issues and Controversies in the Era of Evidence-Based Medicine, Radiol Clin N Am, 2011, 49:205-229.
[PDF] Krasnokutsky: Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: A Potential Mimic of Primary Traumatic Brain Injury in Infants, AJR, 2011 197:W503