Patrick Hayden

Professor of Physics
Stanford University

Office: 308 Varian
Phone: (650)725-9181


Research Interests
Quantum information theory, quantum computing and their role in fundamental physics. I study the absolute limits that physics places on information processing, and how to exploit physical effects to accomplish otherwise impossible communication and computing tasks.

Some Papers
* Fault-tolerant qubit from a constant number of components
* Approximate quantum error correction revisited: Introducing the alphabit
* Entanglement wedge reconstruction via universal recovery channels
* Holographic duality from random tensor networks
* Quantum computation vs. firewalls
* Two-message quantum interactive proofs and the quantum separability problem
* Summoning information in spacetime, or where and when can a qubit be?
* Holographic mutual information is monogamous
* From low-distortion norm embeddings to explicit uncertainty relations and efficient information locking
* Black holes as mirrors: Quantum information in random subsystems
* Counterexamples to the maximal p-norm multiplicativity conjecture for all p > 1

Other Affiliations
Professor of Computer Science (by courtesy), Stanford University
Director, It from Qubit Simons Collaboration
Fellow, CIFAR Quantum Information Processing Program



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