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Attosecond Science

We can capture images of electrons as they move around inside atoms and molecules, by illuminating them with x-ray laser pulses that last less that one femtosecond (10-15 seconds).

Group members: PHB, James Cryan, Taran Driver, Jordan O’Neal, Anna Wang, Andre Kamalov.



 Strong-Field AMO Physics

The data plot on the right shows the quantum interference patterns made by electrons when they are ripped out of an atom by laser fields with amplitudes of many volts per Angstrom.  These matter-holograms  contain strong hints of the electron structure and dynamics in a strong laser field.

Group members: PHB, Ruaridh Forbes, Adi Natan, Lucas Zipp (’17), Anna Wang


 Molecular Movies

The LCLS X-ray Laser at Stanford is the brightest research source of hard x-rays ever built, and the pulses are short enough to take sharp diffraction snapshots of the internal motion in excited molecules.  We have used these unique capabilities to create molecular movies.  The data on the right show a molecular movie of iodine as it dissociates. 

Group members and the NPI collaboration: PHB, Adi Natan, Aviad Schori, Mike Glownia (LCLS), Matt Ware (Ph.D. ’19), Noor Al-Sayyad.