Publications and Preprints

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E. J. Candès and P. Sur. The phase transition for the existence of the maximum likelihood estimate in high-dimensional logistic regression. The Annals of Statistics, to appear, 2018+. [pdf] [arXiv]

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P. Sur, G. Shmueli, S. Bose, and P. Dubey. Modeling bimodal discrete data using Conway- Maxwell-Poisson mixture models. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Volume 33, 2015 - Issue 3. [pdf] [journal]

S. Bose, G. Shmueli, P. Sur, and P. Dubey. Fitting COM-Poisson mixtures to bimodal count data. Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Information, Operations Management and Statistics (ICIOMS 2013), winner of Best Paper Award. [conference]