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Reckoning Risk

I have recently begun contributing to the excellent academic blog Reckoning Risk, started by Tom Logan (formerly of UM, now at Cantebury) and Tim Williams (UM). The goal of the blog is to promote risk science informally and be a platform for extension and engagement of risk and resilience scientists with the broader world.


I am an active member of the Purdue Graduate Student Government, functioning as a Senator (2017), Parliamentarian (2018), and am presently the Senate Chair. If you have any concerns about your experience as a graduate student at Purdue, please drop me a line and I can put you in touch with the right folks. The purpose of the orginzation is to connect graduate students with the resources and opportuinities which exist within the university to help them succeed and to fill any gaps which may exist for the continued support of the graduate population at Purdue.

For more information about the Purdue Graduate Student Government, any of our meetings, or the opportuinities provided check out this website: purduegradstudents.com.



If you are just moving to the West Lafayette area or are ever stopping by for a visit and are interesetd in great places to run, please reach out! I am happy to give my opinions or take you out on the road.

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