teaching and notes

Taught last in the spring of 2018, these are notes/assignments I created for a course on statistical-machine learning in R.

where am I?

If you need to stop by, feel free to! My desk location in Grissom is crudly mapped here. It's about 50/50 whether or not I'm actually at my desk (email first to guarentee a time) but I am there frequently.

course notes

The following notes are lab exercises which should go well with the EEE 595 curricula. They are a set of notes I have compiled which outline how to begin using R for data analysis, discussing some of the specifics of installing R, manipulating and loading basic data, and begining to use/evaluate models. The notes are are my own, so please contact prior to distribution. However a few of the questions are borrorwed in part from the ISLR book and should be attirubted appropriately.

A few of these lessons require specific data, however the general concepts are applicable to all types of data.

lab notes