TIMEPATH: David Rogosa and Ghassan Ghandour

The history of development and application of the Timepath program is briefly described in Rogosa-Saner pp.155-6, with technical details and forms for the estimates given in Appendix B. (Additional data examples and discussion can be found in the chapter Rogosa, 1995, Myths and Methods...) From this page we provide detailed examples for setting-up and running this simple program, and a link for downloading the DOS-executable.

The version of the Timepath program we discuss and provide here is a rather "streamlined" version; many options, features, and capabilities inserted over the past 15 years of development were set-aside. I wanted to provide something that I could explain with a finite amount of effort and which was focused on the straight-line growth curve examples that are the topic of Rogosa-Saner (1995). The example page provides explanation and examples for the program input and provides a "terse" description (with example) of program output; much more could be said.....

If you have use for the Timepath program, it might be a good idea to send a note to Rogosa, as at some point we may redo parts of the computations or take the trouble to upgrade this for the 90's as a real Windows program (which would eliminate the memory constraints, use of RAM drive etc).

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