Robert Lupoiu

Robert Lupoiu

PhD Student

Stanford University

I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. I am co-advised by Jonathan Fan and Ivan Soltesz, and funded by a Knight-Hennessy Scholarship. My research has been focused on developing machine learning and optimization techniques in a broad range of scientific domains, such as computational electromagnetics, nanophotonics, and quantum dot computing.

I am currently focusing on research thrusts that are centered around pushing the boundaries of applied machine learning in applied physics and neuroscience. Most recently, I have been developing ultra-fast and general partial differential equation surrogate solvers to power the design of the next generation of high-performance optical imaging systems.


* denotes equal contribution

This website's code is available on GitHub. I hope you find it helpful!
Thank you to Martin for design inspiration and to ChatGPT-3.5 for coding support.