(Not Quite the) Worst Case Scenario:
A Visual Scenario for the the PanDefense 1.0 Conference (Avian Flu Mural) 2005

Interactive use of the pandemic mural
This mural was used in a major conference last November 2005 on the possibility of a pandemic resulting from the avian flu. It was posted near the registration desk and primarily served as a way of getting members of a highly interdisciplinary conference onto the same page. The conference was organized to get avian flu on the public agenda and to identify gaps in the public health preparations for such a pandemic.

1. The Pandemic Mural was shown to the Board of Directors of Sun Microsystems at their meeting on April 27, 2006 as a part of corporate planning for a possible pandemic. Sun Microsystems is a company of 39,000 employees and $14 billion revenue. One half of their employees telecommute (and don't have corporate supplied offices) At the time of the board meeting, 80% could work from home. Their target is to have the possibility of everybody working from home in case of a pandemic. They are also building continuity plans which include an e-learning module of one hour on the flu--a course mandatory for all employees.

2. It has been part of the marketing effort that raised a $200 million investment fund for R&D on vaccines and other anit-flu biotechniology initiatives.


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