Robert E. Horn
Visiting Scholar
Program on People, Computers, and Design
Center for the Study of Language and Information
Stanford University
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Recent Speeches & Papers

Current Projects
New Maps for Public Policy Project

The Argumentation Mapping Project

Horn, R. E., (2002) Infrastructure for Navigation of Interdisciplinary Debates; Critical Decisions for Representing Argumentation . A draft chapter prepared for the forthcoming book Visualizing Argumentation; Tools for Collaborative and Educational Sense-Making (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E., (2000) Teaching Philosophy with Argumentation Maps Newsletter of the American Philosophical Association, November 2000 (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E., (1999) Using Argumentation Analysis to Examine History and Status of a Major Debate in Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation. SIC SAT. June 16-19, 1998. Amsterdam--The Netherlands. (PDF) (PDF Figure 1 .) (PDF Figure 2.)

Examples of Recent Argumentation Maps from Our Project


Horn, R. E. (1998) Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century, MacroVU, Inc. Bainbridge Island, WA, 1998

Horn, R. E. (1988) Mapping Hypertext: Analysis, Linkage, and Display of Knowledge for the Next Generation of On-Line Text and Graphics, The Lexington Institute, 1989 (Japanese translation published by Nikkei Business Publications, 1992).

Horn, R. E. (1992) How High Can It Fly-Examining the Evidence on Information Mapping's Method of High-Performance Communication, Lexington Institute, 1992. (Japanese translation published by Nikkei Business Publications, 1994)

Horn, R. E. (1983) (editor) Trialectics: Toward a Practical Logic of Unity Lexington, I.R.I. (out of print)

Horn, R. E. (1970, 1973, 1976, 1980) (editor) The Guide to Simulations/Games for Education and Training. (Ed) 1970 (with D.W. Zuckerman), Cambridge: I.R.I.; 1973, 2nd edition, Research Media, Inc.1976,3rd edition, Didactic Systems, Inc.; 1980 4th edition, (with Anne Cleaves). Los Angeles: Sage Publications (out of print)

Horn, R. E. (1967, 1980) ) Developing Instructional Materials and Procedures: Waltham, MA: Information Mapping.2nd edition, 1979;3rd edition, (new title: Developing Procedures, Policies, and Documentation), 1980) (French version published by DataPro, Montreal, 1989) Used as part of Information Mapping's courses. Contact: <>

Horn, R. E. (1977) Writing Reports , Waltham, MA, Information Mapping. 2nd edition, 1978; 3rd edition, 1980 . Used as part of Information Mapping's courses. Contact: <>

Horn, R. E. (1966-80) The Guide to Federal Assistance. New York: New Century. A continuously updated news service. (out of print after 20 years of monthly publication)

Horn, R. E. (1967) Language: Change and Communication. 1967. Chicago: S.R.A. (out of print)

Horn, R. E. (1965) Developmental Testing. 1965. 2 vols and tape. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan. (out of print)

Experience: Entrepreneur and Management
President, founder, MacroVU, Inc. 1996-present <>
Vice President, Founder, The Meridian Institute, 1991-present
President, founder, The Lexington Institute, 1983-present
President, CEO, founder, Information Mapping, Inc., 1982-1987; Chairman, l987-present
President, CEO, founder, Information Resources, Inc. 1967-1982

Lifetime Achievement Award "The Diana Award" 2001,
Association of Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Documentation (ACMSIGDOC)
Fellow, World Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1993-present
Finalist, NSPI Outstanding Instructional Communication, 1991 and 1993.
Book of the Year award, 1984.
The Association for Educational Communications Technology, shared with co-authors of The Technology of Text (D. Jonassen, Ed.)
MITCH Award, 1977. Training Magazine.
Outstanding Research Award, 1976. (for Information Mapping research) from National Society for Performance and Instruction.
Invitational Speaker, 1971. First National Conference on Technology of Education Applied to Higher Education, Rio de Janeiro.
National Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 1956

Selected Articles, Papers, and Chapters

Horn, R. E. (1999) What is Information Design? Information Design as an Emerging Profession,
in Information Design,ed. by Robert Jacobson, MIT Press, 1999. (html)

Horn, R. E. (1999) Two Approaches to Modularity: Comparing the STOP Approach with Structured Writing, Journal of Computer Documentation (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1998) Structured Writing as a Paradigm, a chapter in Instructional Development: State of the Art edited by Alexander Romiszowski and Charles Dills, Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Educational Technology Publications, (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. with Halley, Alexis A. (1995) Electronic Town Meetings. Washington, D.C. National Academy of Public Administration, Information Cooerative Project, Alliance for Redesigning Government. (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1993) Structured Writing at Twenty-five. Performance and Instruction 32(February): 11­17. 1993 (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1993) Needed: A New Political Literacy for Electronic Town Meeting, Electronic Citizenship Meridian International Institute Report, 1993 (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1992) Clarifying Two Controversies about Information Mapping's Method. Educational and Training Technology International 29(2): 109­17. (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1992) How to Get Little or No Effect and Make No Significant Difference.
Performance and Instruction 31(January): 29­32. 1992b (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1986) The Principle of Consistency and the Conditions for Creativity (Published by Information Mapping, Inc., (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. The Ten Commandments for Interdisciplinary Conference Etiquette (unpublished) (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1999) The Story of The Guide to Simulations/Games for Education and Training. prepared for the 30th Anniversary Issue of Simulation and Gaming (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1999) Book Review of The Nurnberg Funnel by John M. Carroll, The Journal of Computer Documentation (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1989) Some Issues in Integrating Text and Images, A presentation made at Information Design Conference 4, Bath, England, September 12-14, 1989 (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (2000) The Convention Game (prepared for the 30th Anniversary issue of Simulations and Games) (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1983 ) Traps of Traditional Logic and Dialectics: What They Are and How to Avoid Them (1983) Lexington Institute (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1974) Information Mapping. Training in Business and Industry. March 1974/Vol.11, No. 3. (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1966) A Terminal Behavior Locator System. Programmed Learning, No. 1, February 1966. The Eastern Press Ltd., London and Reading) (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. with , Nicol, E., Kleinman, J., and Grace, M. (1969) Information Mapping for Learning and Reference. Cambridge, I.R.I. Horn, R. E. (A.F. Systems Command Report ESD-TR-69-296). (html) (PDF)

with Nicol, E., Roman, R., (1971) Information Mapping for Computer-Learning and Reference. Cambridge, I.R.I. (A.F. Systems Command Report ESD-TR-71-165). (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1985), Recent Perspectives on the Information Mapping Method. Waltham, MA. Information Mapping, Inc. 1985a (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1980) Results with Structured Writing Using the Information Mapping Writing Service Standards, an invitational presentation at Designing Usable Text, a conference sponsored by the Open University, Nov. 3­7, 1980. (1985b) reprinted in Toward More Usable Text: an Applied Research Perspective. Duffy, T. M. and Waller, R. Academic Press, 1985 b (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1987) The Engineering of Documentation: The Information Mapping Approach. Waltham, MA. Information Mapping, Inc. 1987a (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1987) Twelve Myths that Lead to Poor Documentation. Waltham, MA. Information Mapping, Inc. (1987b) (html) (PDF)

Horn, R. E. (1970) Training Systems Analysis for P.P.B.S. . Cambridge: I.R.I. (out of print)

Horn, R. E. (1970) Participative Decision Making. Cambridge: I.R.I. reprinted in Lane, F. S. Managing State and Local Governments, N. Y., St. Martins Press, 1980; and in Rockler, M. J., Innovative Teaching Strategies, Scottsdale, AR,Gorscuch Scarisbrick, 1988 (out of print)

Horn, R. E. (1969) The Employment Marketplace. (with J. LeVaux). Prepared for Work Incentive Program, Department of Labor. Cambridge: I.R.I. (out of print)

Horn, R. E. (1969) Supplemental Funding. 1969 (with J. Sathory and D. Wade). Prepared for New York State, Department of Education. Cambridge: I.R.I.(out of print)

Horn, R. E. (1968) The Federal Marketplace. 1968. Prepared for SUNY and The American Assn. of State Colleges and Universities. Cambridge: I.R.I.(out of print)

Other Experience: Research, Teaching, and Consulting

Visiting Scholar, Program on People, Computers and Design, The Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University, 1993-present

Distinguished Consulting Faculty, The Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco, 2001-present

Guest Scholar, Human Interface Technology Laboratory, University of Washington, 1991-1993

Guest Mentor, Designing Human-Computer Interfaces Course, Stanford University, 1992

Fellow, Vice President, The Meridian International Institute, San Francisco, 1992-present

Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, Reading University (U.K.), 1985

Visiting Instructor, Columbia University, 1976-79

Visiting Instructor, Sheffield University, 1971

Visiting Instructor, American University, 1971

Consultant to Teaching Project, Harvard School of Public Health, 1971-73

Consultant to White House Conference on Children, 1970

Visiting Instructor, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, 1967

Research Associate, Institute of Educational Technology, Columbia University 1964-65

Visiting Faculty, Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Michigan, 1964-65 Director, Training and Consulting Services, CPI, 1963-64

Manager, Industrial Training, Basic Systems, Inc., 1962-63

Systems Analyst, Univac, 1959-60

Management Intern, U.S. Civil Service Commission, 1958-59

Television Director-Producer (military service), 1955-57

Private Consultant, (1959-61; 65-67)

B.A. History, Valparaiso University, 1956
Federal Government Seminar Semester, American University, 1955-56
M.A. Government. University of Washington, Seattle, 1958
Computers and Management, New York University, 1959
Education and Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1964-65