Memorial Hike -- August 11, 2012

Angela loved to hike. Some of her most memorable hikes were with her good friend Mike. She even made scrapbooks of their hikes. On August 11, 2012 Mike lead us on a hike to Cottonwood Pass in the Inyo National Forest.

Most of us gathered the day before in Lone Pine, CA and enjoyed dinner at a local eatery. On the day of the hike we carpooled to the trailhead and hiked in memory of Angela.

After the hike we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at the finest restaurant in Lone Pine. A good time was had by all and the party continued in various hotel suites (okay, maybe it was motel rooms). Angela was well remembered and would have been proud of us all.

As evidence that we made it we have one hiker's GPS summary of the hike and a few pictures.

There's talk of doing this annually or at least once in a while. In support of that we have Mike's description of the hike and his original instructions.