Notice: lbnamed is implemented using Stanford::DNSserver, a DNS server that is not, nor ever will be, EDNS compliant.

Stanford changed its load balancing name service to use PowerDNS as the DNS server, transforming the lbnamed script into a PowerDNS pipe backend coprocessing script. The transformation was relatively simple and straightforward. To see how it was accomplished, compare the original lbnamed script with the new coprocessing script. Should you be inclined to take this approach, note that the new load-balancing DNS project documentation includes instructions for configuring PowerDNS.

Most of the links below are only of historical significance, but the lbcd and slbcd links are still useful for anyone load balancing a service using the poller included with both the original and current load-balancing DNS packages.

lbnamed - A load balancing name server written in Perl

Last modified: October 14, 2020