FRAT/GBP (July 2005)

The FRAT or GBP protein was found as protein binding to an inhibting GSK3 (Yost, 1998) . The gene can also be an oncogene activated in T cell lymphomas (Jonkers, 1997). It can bind to Dishevelled, possibly forming a bridge between Dsh and GSK after Wnt signaling. A partial structure of Frat bound to GSK is known. There are 3 vertebrate homologs. Mice with targeted mutations in all three murine Frat homologs have no obvious abnormalities, questioning the function of Frat in Wnt signaling (Van Amerongen et al, 2005) No gene similar to FRAT/GBP has been found in Drosophila.

See pathway and interaction figures.

Human Mouse Xenopus
FRAT2 Frat2 .
. Frat3/Peg12 .