Naked (August 2007)

The naked cuticle (or naked) gene in Drosophila acts as a negative regulator of wingless signaling. Cloning of the gene revealed that it encodes a protein with an EF hand that may interact with a divalent cation (Zeng, 2000). Expression of naked is induced by wingless, generating a negative feedback loop. The Naked protein can bind to Dishevelled, an interaction that downregulates Dsh activity (Rousset, 2001). There are two human and mouse naked homologs (Wharton, 2001; Yan 2001). Mice with compound mutations in both nkd genes are viable and have subtle cranial bone morphology phenotypes (Zhang, 2007)

human mouse phenotype


Nkd1 spermatogenesis defect Li 2004
NKD2 Nkd2 Double nkd1-nkd2 cranial bone morphology Zhang, 2007
Drosophila naked