Wnt genes in Chickens (updated October 2003)

See the comparative table of all vertebrate Wnt genes for and explanation of the numbering/nomenclature.

 gene Ref  Phenotype (ectopic expression)
 Wnt-1 Hollyday 1995  
Kenkagu 1998
Hollyday 1995
AER Formation
Kenkagu 1998
Hollyday 1995
Dealy 1993
Hollyday 1995
 chondrogenic pattern formation in the chick limb bud Kawakami 1999
Wnt-6 Neural crest inducer (Garcia-Castro, 2002)
Wnt-7A Dealy 1993
 Dorsoventral Polarity
Kenkagu 1998
Feather morphogenesis
Widelitz RB, 1999
 Wnt-7B Hollyday 1995  
 Wnt-8B Hollyday 1995  

Hume 1993

see note

Wnt-9A (WNT14)
Bergstein 1997

 Synovial joint formation

Hartmann 2001

  Tanda 1995
Eisenberg 1997
 cell line QCE-6
Eisenberg 1997
dermal development
Tanda N, 1995


The chicken Wnt-8C is probably the true ortholog of Xenopus Wnt-8A, as these genes are very similar. In addition, there are no other chicken Wnt-8 genes yet, nor have separate orthologs of CWnt-8C been cloned from the mouse and the human.