Wnt genes in the Zebrafish, Danio rerio.

August 2007

See the comparative table of all vertebrate Wnt genes for and explanation of the numbering/nomenclature.

 gene (mostly linked to ZFIN)  Phenotypes
 wnt1 mid-hindbrain boundary (redundant with Wnt10B; Levken 2003)
wnt2b prometheus (prt) mutants, defects in liver specification (Ober 2006)
 Natural mutation: Pipetail
Defects in tail formation and impaired maturation of the cells that contribute to cartilage of the head skeleton
Rauch 1997
Kilian, 2003
Function in regeneration (Stoick-Cooper, 2007)
 wnt8A required during gastrulation to pattern mesoderm and the neural ectoderm

Lekven 2001

 wnt10b  mid-hindbrain boundary (redundant with Wnt1; Levken 2003)
 Natural mutation: Silberblick
mediates convergent extension movements during zebrafish gastrulation
Heisenberg, 2000
Hypoblast migration Ulrich 2003
gastrulation by controlling cell cohesion through Rab5c and E-cadherin (Ulrich, 2005)

Blader P, Strahle U, and Ingham PW (1996) Three wnt genes expressed in a wide variety of tissues during development of the zebrafish, danio rerio: developmental and evolutionary perspectives. Dev Genes Evol 206: 3-13.