Jaime Roquero Gimenez

About me

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I am a fifth year PhD student in the Stanford Statistics Department, where I am advised by Prof James Zou from the Biomedical Data Science Department. I am also the Burt and Deedee McMurtry Stanford Graduate Fellow.

I grew up in Madrid before going to Paris where I attended the preparatory classes for Grandes Écoles (CPGE). I was then admitted to the École Normale Supérieure d'Ulm where I completed my advanced undergraduate studies in Math. I simultaneously completed a Master's in Probability Theory at Sorbonne Université (previously Université Pierre et Marie Curie) and a Master's in Machine Learning and Computer Vision (Master MVA) at Université Paris Saclay.

My current research interests relate to multiple hypothesis testing and causal inference. In particular, I work on developing methodologies for high-dimensional feature selection with statistical guarantees, and causal feature selection to build predictive models that are robust with respect to distributional shifts.


Feel free to contact me at roquero (at) stanford (dot) edu. My office is 240 in Sequoia Hall, 390 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford