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Currently I am the web designer for the Program in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology and several other Humanities and Sciences departments. I have the distinction of being the first telecommuting administrator at Stanford! In addition, I have designed and created websites for a dozen Stanford courses and varied other projects. Following are sample of some of my websites:

I was the creative designer for the MouseSite, under Professor Timothy Lenoir. This project tracks the history of the computer mouse, which was developed by Douglas Engelbart and colleagues in the 1960's while at SRI, The Stanford Research Institute. The videos depicting the "Mother of all Demos" show Doug Engelbart displaying the workings of the mouse and explain why it was called that. (Go watch for yourself to see why!) The website was inducted into the "Top Ten Technology Websites" of Silicon Valley's own Tech Museum - quite an honor in this competitive epicenter of web development. Also it was chosen for a web excellence award by StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web, and also by, an educational site for children. The information on this website has been used and linked to by thousands of users over the past 10 years.

This was one of our earliest sites to use advanced features such as movies, frames, and forms. To conclude the project, I created a STIM overview movie in Macromedia's Director.

The site is part of the STIM project (Science and Technology in the Making) funded by the Sloan Foundation. This was a half a million dollar grant funding five major universities over a period of two years. I was also the financial officer overseeing the expenditures of the funds and I helped write the financial budgets of the proposal. In addition, I was the conference manager for the international meeting we held at the end of the grant to explore ways in which the web can be used to gather and archive historical data. Interestingly, all these years later I still get email from all over the world about the Mousesite, and it gets more hits than most other sites at Stanford, still!

Main Current Projects:

Program in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at Stanford University: This site, one of the first such sites at Stanford, is used as the primary source of information for our academic program. I maintain the content and links with current colloquia, course information and events within our program and at Stanford. For the program I also manage grants and contracts, organize colloquia, manage the program's many funds and budgets, and multiple other duties.

Patrick Suppes Center for the History and Philosophy of Science at Stanford University: I created and maintain the content and links with current events for the Center. I also organize events, manage the funds and budgets, and administer the small grants that we give out twice a year.

Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University: Since early 2005 I've regularly updated the design, content and links, - note the flash intro made in spring 2006.

Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Stanford University: Created in 2007 using images from Stanford University Library's Special Collections, I've been in charge of the design and maintenance of this website at the center.

Previous Projects:

Additionally, I was the webmaster for the Area One Program from 2001-04, which, to those outside of Stanford, is the Introduction to the Humanities program.
This interactive site is the entry for all 1600 incoming freshmen to choose their required humanities track for their first year at Stanford. It is a bookmarked site for freshmen, and I updated it continuously with current course listings, syllabi, section assignments, special events and lectures. Check it out at IHUM.

I've also created web sites for the Writing Science Workshop and the Rethinking Science and Civilization Workshop. These Humanities Center sponsored workshops take place throughout the year to explore the intersection of science, languages, and cultures. I was chosen to develop these sites by the chairs of the respective departments.

Hybrids and Cyborgs: Melding Medicine and the Humanities: This 2001 medical humanities workshop site was for physicians and persons in related medical fields of interest to review a colloquia series of topics in the humanities.

Also, I created, but no longer maintain the Science, Technology and Society (STS) site in 2003. This degree-granting program is an undergraduate major for students interested in the sciences and technology.

One last, really fun, site is a course website for BodyWorks, a history of science course in Winter 2000 and 2001. The course was teleconferenced with Suny, Buffalo and also co-taught via CD-ROM in Paris. There are some really cool video clips, unusual art, movies and sound included.

If you are interested in my web design services, I am always looking for additional projects.
Email me at rrogers @

In my spare time I enjoy attempting oil painting en plein air, in the tradition of California plein air artists.

As you can see below, this is Stanford University, my employer, and the site of my wedding in 1998. My husband is Stanford alumni, Rick Bodor, or Richard Bodor, M.D. and here is his CV. And lastly, one of my favorite places on campus is the church, in the middle of the picture below; constructed by Jane Stanford in 1903 as a memorial to her husband Leland. It's really impressive inside, certainly comparable to many cathdrals seen in Europe. Click on the picture for all the information you could ever want about Stanford. (This is in the heart of Silicon Valley, after all!)

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