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Articles, Reviews, and Book Chapters

“What Woolf Dares Us to Write: The Inspiration of Orlando,Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices, A Room of One’s Own Foundation anthology, 2018.

“The Pursuit of Understanding: Carol Creedon in Memoriam,” Reed 91.4 (2012).

Review of Rooms and Their Airs, poems by Jody Gladding, Poets’ Quarterly (2009).

Review of Stories and Portraits of the Self, edited by Helena Carvalhão Buescu and João Ferreira Duarte, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (2009).

“The Possibilities and Perils of Writing Poems about Visual Art,” Writer’s Chronicle 39 (2007). [view]

“Poems That Respond to Works of Visual Art,” Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities (2007).

“When Ekphrasis Opens Out,” Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities (2006).

“Selfhood and Strategy in Notes of a Native Son,James Baldwin Now, edited by Dwight A. McBride (New York University, 1999).

“The Collective Self: Maxine Hong Kingston and Virginia Woolf,” Virginia Woolf and Her Influences: Selected Papers from the Seventh Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, edited by Laura Davis and Jeanette McVicker (Pace University, 1998).

“Women and Empire in A Room of One’s Own,” Virginia Woolf Miscellany 47 (1996).

“Voicing the Harmonic Self: Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior,Constructions 9 (1994).

“How Wallace Stevens Teaches Us to Read: ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,’” Teaching Wallace Stevens, edited by John N. Serio and B. J. Leggett (University of Tennessee, 1994).

“Penelope’s Creative Desiring: ‘The World as Meditation,’” Wallace Stevens Journal 9 (1985).