Dissertation advisor (Stanford University):

Dan-el Padilla Peralta (PhD 2014; Assoc. Prof. Princeton University, formerly postdoc Columbia University), D. Pickel (co-advisor; in progress), C. Shi (in progress), T. Leibundgut (prospectus in progress)


Dissertation co-director (University of Leiden):

Saskia Hin (PhD 2009; Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis, formerly researcher at Leuven University and postdoc Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research)


Dissertation committee member (Stanford University):

Trinity Jackman (PhD 2005; Royal Ontario Museum, formerly postdoc Columbia University), Lidewijde de Jong (PhD 2007; Assoc. Prof. University of Groningen; formerly Ass. Prof. University of North Carolina), Christelle Fischer-Bovet (PhD 2008; Assoc. Prof. University of Southern California), Ulrike Krotscheck (PhD 2008; Ass. Prof. Evergreen College), Andrew Monson (PhD 2008; Assoc. Prof. New York University), Sarah Levin-Richardson (PhD 2009; Ass. Prof. University of Washington), Melissa Kutner (Bailey) (PhD 2011; Ass. Prof. University of Maryland, formerly postdoc Northwestern University), Darian Totten (PhD 2011; Ass. Prof. McGill University, formerly Ass. Prof. Davidson College), Rob Stephan (PhD 2013; Ass. Prof. University of Arizona), Scott Arcenas (PhD 2018; Ass. Prof. University of Montana, formerly Visit. Ass. Prof. Dartmouth and Ass. Prof. George Mason University), Jonathan Weiland (PhD 2018; DPAA), Matthieu Abgrall (PhD 2019), Kilian Mallon (PhD 2019; formerly Lecturer Stanford University), Gabrielle Thiboutot (in progress)


Dissertation committee member (University of Chicago):

Cameron Hawkins (PhD 2006; Ass. Prof. University of Rochester, formerly Ass. Prof. University of Chicago)


Undergraduate honors thesis director (Stanford University):

Walter Haas (2007; Lawrence V. Ryan Prize for Innovative Research in an Interdisciplinary Field in the Humanities 2007); Shila Soni (2007)