Monographs in progress

Escape from Rome: the failure of empire and the making of the modern world, under contract with Princeton University Press (c.500 p., to be completed in 2018)

The demography of the Greco-Roman world, ‘Key themes in ancient history’ series, under contract with Cambridge University Press (c.200 p.)


Edited volume in progress

[co-edited with Peter Bang and Christopher Bayly ] The Oxford world history of empire, under contract with Oxford University Press (2 vols., to be submitted in 2018)


Book chapter in progress

[with Josiah Ober] ‘Inequality’, for Sitta von Reden (ed.), The Cambridge companion to the Greek economy, under contract with Cambridge University Press (to be completed in 2018/19)


E-publication in progress

New blood: Rome’s emperors in global perspective