Papers under review or in progress

‘Roman economic performance and inequality: in defense of the big picture,’ for: E. Murphy and R. Stephan (eds.), From the economic to the social: inequalities in the Roman world, Oxford University Press (first draft posted as a working paper)

‘Rome’s slavery,’ inaugural X-lecture at SUNY Buffalo, to be published in Arethusa


Projects in progress

New blood: Rome’s emperors in global perspective

translations of key German texts on the formation of Altertumswissenschaft in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries


Monograph in progress

In the beginning: why ancient history matters and how to make it new (working title; under contract with Princeton University Press)


Monographs at the planning stage

The demography of the Greco-Roman world, ‘Key themes in ancient history’ series, under contract with Cambridge University Press

a comparative study of early state formation in the Americas relative to Afroeurasia

a counterfactual history of human development during the last 800 years