Papers in progress

a chapter on the fall of the Roman and Han empires for a volume on historical collapse based on workshops of the PIIRS Global Systemic Risk Research Community at Princeton University (for Routledge)

a paper on the history of inequality for the ISF-Deaton Review, chaired by Angus Deaton

a response to an essay by Reviel Netz for a special issue of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews


Project in progress

New blood: Rome’s emperors in global perspective


Monographs at the planning stage

a manifesto on the future study of ancient history (for Princeton University Press)

a global long-term perspective on how modernizing developmental discontinuities have come to enrich, divide and threaten humankind


Other monographs I have been thinking about

Forsaking all others: a brief history of monogamy

The demography of the Greco-Roman world, ‘Key themes in ancient history’ series, under contract with Cambridge University Press