The QUaD telescope in its ground shield

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Snow accumulation at MAPO
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QUaD is funded by the National Science Foundation in the US, and in the UK by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
Stanford University
Sarah Church
Melanie Bowden
James Hinderks
Keith Thompson
Ed Wu

University of Wales, Cardiff
Walter Gear
Peter Ade
Simon Melhuish
Angiola Orlando
Lucio Piccirillo
Nutan Rajguru
Michael Zemcov

University of Chicago
Clem Pryke
John Carlstrom
Robert Friedman

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
James Bock
Erik Leitch

Andrew Lange
John Kovac

Collège de France
Ken Ganga

University of Ireland, Maynooth
Anthony Murphy
Creidhe O'Sullivan

University of Edinburgh
Andrew Taylor
Patricia Castro
Michael Brown

Ben Rusholme

South Pole
Robert Schwarz
Allan Day

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