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Old Advisee News

Please send me some!!!

+ Congratulations to ALL of you who recently graduated!

+ Ramin Shadman is attending UCSD medical school!

+ Donna Zulman graduated from UCLA medical school!

+ Annie Porzig, John Turnbull are attending UCSF medical school!

+ Rahul Hate is attending Cornell medical school!

+ Irene Linetskaya is at Harvard medical school!

+ Apa Sohoni, Nina Chinosornvatana, Thomas Satterwhite, Phil Hsu, Jenny Dorth, Ashley Laird, Meagan Lansdale are at Stanford medical school!


Former Advisee (and others) News

Awards and Honors

+ Congratulations to Katie Bryan-Jones who received a Fullbright. She will be getting her MPH at The University of New South Wales in Australia. Prior to that she worked at a research assistant at UCSF.

+ Congratulations to Kathy Kohler who finished her Ph.D. in Public Health at Emory and is working as an EIS office at the CDC. Wow! She will even be doing virology on the world wide polio eradication program.

Med School
+ Micah Hill is attended UCLA medical school. Her first hand ID experience involved seroconverting her PPD.

+ Caitlin Pickartattended UCI medical school.

+ Gloria Fann is attending the University of Washington Medical School.

+ Theresa Gurney is attending UCSF medical school!

+ Seema Jain is doing her internal medicine residency at the Primary Care Program at UCSF.

+ Carla Sanchez-Palacios is doing her dermatology residency at the University of Chicago. She did her medicine internship at Stanford.

+ Sonya Raymond is doing her family practice residency at Santa Rosa's Sutter Hospital

+ Lorianna Leard is doing her residency training in internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.

She completed her MD at UCSD. Grad school/MSTP
+ Congratulations to Ajai Dandekar on being accepted to the MSTP program at Iowa!

+ Congratulations to Natalia Carlson on her recent wedding to Derrick Yazzie!

+ Congratulations to Risa Hoffman who finished her MPH at Harvard and is currently working in Thailand at Chiang Mai University. She will be returning to UCLA in the fall to finish her medical training!

+ Congratulations to Jen Trayner on her internship at the CDC!

+ Congratulations to Janet Maldonado on winning a Fulbright AND a Firestone Medal

AND on being accepted to Harvard Medical School!

+ Congratulations to Jhumki Basu on winning a Dean's Award!

Other News

+ The following former undergrad all took my medical school infectious disease course this fall: Ying-Ying Goh, Cindy Osmanian, Peter Peng, and Jeannie Chang!

+ Meredith Heller and Una Lee are in their first year at Stanford Medical School.

+ Sebastian Tongson is working on a masters degree at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.

+ I recently ran into Louise Walter who is doing a geriatrics fellowship at UCSF. + Andrew Kringstein will begin his Ph.D. next fall at Stanford. He is current pursuing a musical fantasy in SF.

+ Molly Billings is in her first year at UCSF Medical School.

+ Michelle Schulein is getting an MPH at Harvard.

+ Catherine Liu spent the summer in Ecuador.

She is now in her second year at UCSF med school.

+ David Blossom (1995) is in his clinical studies at Case Western Reserve Medical School.

+ Robin Norris is in her second year at Penn med school.

+ Brent Leithauser is working on the Human Genome Project in Seattle.

+ Jeremy Moss is going great guns in his M.D./Ph.D. program at NYU.

+ Joy Chen completed an internship at the CDC this past summer and is now back at John Hopkins School of Public Health.

+ Ajai Dandekaris doing an MD PhD in the MSTP program at the University of Iowa Medical School.

+ Jenny Dorth and Tamara Gagnolet are among the illustrious crew TAing the core this year!

+ Amy Anderson is attending USC Medical School.

+ Bobby Yeh is at Harvard Medical School. He finished his program in health economics in London and is now working on an MBA at Oxford.

+ Tai-Ho Chen is finishing up his residency in Hawaii.

+ Michael McCullough finished his residency in emergency medicine at Stanford and is an attending physician at the Valley (SCVMC).

+ Ryo Shohara is working at UCSF for Drummond Rennie, one of the editors of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association.

+ Matt Old will be continuing his work with Bonnie Maldonado in Pediatric Infectious Disease at Stanford while he applies to medical school. He also finished his EMT training and received his license.

There once was a student named Matt.
Who was often seen researching scat.
He would test for microbes
With molecular probes.
It was elegant work, and that's that.


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