Robert Siegel
Evolution Song

Well, the hawk has its graspin' talons, baby
And the snake has its bitin' fangs
There's the elephant's trunk
And the smell of the skunk
They're all there to fight the hunger pangs.

Well, the frigate's got its bright red guler, baby
And the boobie's got its teal blue feet.
As they step into the fire
In the flame of their desire
Evolution's turning up the heat.

Well, the biologic clock was atickin', baby
In the moment that the dodo blinked.
In the natural war,
Like the old dinosaur
You might just end up extinct.

Well, I'm going through some major changes, baby
And I hope that you know it's true
I'm creating what I can
Cause I plan to be the man
I'm adapting with or without you.

Well, this evolution thing is a science, baby
I'm afraid that's the way things are
I'll be standing on the shoulders of giants
To see real far. To see real far.

Well, I'm not tryin' to be obscure here, baby
With some old theory off the shelf.
In the animal world
Well, it's dog eat dog
And it's every man for himself.

Well, the world out there is a jungle, baby.
You can go and ask Chuckie D.
There are lions and tigers and bears, oh my
Well, it's all in their biology.

Well, I'd really like to punctuate this point, baby
You need roots in your family tree.
Because you'll be affected
By how well-connected
Is your relativity.

So, our lives are a struggle for existence, baby
They are red in both tooth and claw.
From the big to the small
Well, it's winner take all
Because baby, that is the natural law.

revision 7/10/97