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Flamevine or orange trumpetvine

Order: Lamiales
Family: Bignoniaceae

Flame vine is indigenous to Brazil.


Flame vine

flame vine

Flame vine (Pyrostegia venusta)
Family: Bignoniaceae
Le Palmier, Tulear
July 8, 2013


Two bikes

two bikes

Le Palmier, Tulear
July 8, 2013


minas gerais
Flamevine or orange trumpet (Pyrostegia venusta)
En route to Ouro Preto
Minas Gerais
August 4, 2019
Canon EOS 7Dmark II


Other lamiales

+ Phrymaceae: Monkey-flower
+ Plantaginaceae: Foxglove
+ Verbenaceae: Lantana
+ Bignoniaceae: Sausage tree
+ Bignoniaceae: Flame vine

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