Robert Siegel

Bob's Sordid Past

Family foliage - A forest of trees

Schoenbrun roots
Aaron begot Victor
Victor begot Hermina
Berkowitz roots
Hermina begot Arthur
Arthur begot Pearl (Perle)
Sindlin roots
Percy begot Harry
Harry Sindlin transmogrified into Harry Siegel - Ellis Island Phenomenon
Siegel roots
Harry and Rebecca Harris begot Hyman Joseph
Hyman Joseph Siegel married Sara (Sarabelle) Florence Berman - June 18, 1927
Berkowitz meets Siegel
Married 3/12/50

North Miami Beach - the early years

...converted to bowties at an early age...

Hollywood, Florida

New math
Nova Elementary
The Yucatan

Nova High School

Davie, Florida
class of 1972
25th reunion
November 28-30, 1997

Racing down the math tracking
 Quill and Scroll

The Neptune Society

Tennis, Cross-Country, Track

Stanford University - the college years

Twain House - Did Samuel Clemens live like this???
Walking my way into intercollegiate soccer

Tours-ing Stanford-in-Frants

Leland Stanford Junior
Random House aka Burbank

Senior citizen at last
The French House
Majorly psyched out

The Stanford Band

"It's all right now."

Stanford Tree Arborial adventures as The Tree Stanford Tree

The STEP Program

Masters numero uno
The Edgewood Gang

Getting to the core of the matter,

Human Biologically speaking

Camino a los Cerros

The University of Colorado - Graduate school

Biology of the Cancer Cell
Both Sides Now

The people's republic of Berzerkley

My son the doctor

"Oy, finally"

Palo Alto daze

Where Mad Ducks Drive

Our Cadia

Bugs and Drugs

Adventures in Bagel Land

Below the surface

Cozumel, Mexico
Belize 1999 - 6 one tank dives: Blue hole, Lighthouse reef, Hol Chan, Imperial Caverns

White water

American (California) muchas vezes: South Fork, 1998
Yampa/Green (Colorado/Utah)
Shotover (New Zealand)
Nenana, 1997 (Alaska)
Naranja, 1998 (Costa Rica)
Cole Creek, June 1999 (California)


Beyond the border

Europe x 2
summer, 1969
summer, 1974
New Zealand; 1984?
Fiji; 1984?
The Yucatan x 2: March 1966, March 1984?
The Galapagos, Ecuador; 1997
Ecuador, 1997
Canada, 1997
Costa Rica, 1998
Peru, March, 1999
Belize, Guatemala; June/July, 1999

On the road in America

"The West", 1966
Alaska, 1997

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