Research Labs and Opportunities

+ Bob's Helpful hints

Finding a lab
+ Decide what kind of lab you want to work in
What kind of science
What area of science
What laboratory milieu
What type of mentor you want -
You will usually be working under post-docs or fellows.
+ Do your homework.
What does the lab work on?
Read some abstracts (at least) of their work.
+ Do not be shy.
+ Be persistent.
+ Talk to other students.
+ Look for lab where other students have been successful.
+ If someone says they do not have space, ask for additional names.
+ Be persistent (redundance intentional).
+ I can give you a list of names - see below.
(You may get turned down a bunch, but if you are persistent you will get a good position.)
+ Be sure to check out the URO (Laura Selznick) and Biology (Ellen MacDonald) pages.
See links below.

Field Research
This is typical of fieldwork. You plan and plan, and then you get there and realize you can't do it.
Dolph Schluter
in The Beak of the Finch

+ Virology at Stanford

+ Position Postings

+ contag lab
+ jackson lab
+ arvin lab
+ shafer lab

+ Check out the URO Home Page. Laura Selnick worked hard on this.

+ It would also be well worth your well to check out Ellen MacDonald's page. She is in charge of the honors program in the Department of Biology and has collected a valuable set of resources:

Finding a lab
Research Courses
Summer Internships
Honors Program
Financial Grants
Student Spotlight
Bulletin Board
HHMI Support

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