R. Siegel

January 14, 2001


Microbiology and Immunology 201

Teaching Assistantship

Application Form


Dear Potential TAs -

Thank you very much for your interest in TAing the M&I220B course.

Below I have listed some background info and a series of questions. Please

do not use the available space as a guideline as to how much you should


Please be patient as it may be a while before I can go through and evaluate all the applications.


Best wishes, Bob



Background information:

You are all well-aware of the tremendous amount of work involved in TAing this course.

In the past, I have tried to make use of TAs primarily as content and pedagogic experts rather than clerical assistants, (though the latter is sometimes hard to avoid.) I hope to continue this policy in the coming year.

We will continue to improve the quality of the syllabus and of Microbe. Some of this will be administrative improvements; much of it will focus on enhancing the content.

A lot of the work will actually be completed in spring and summer quarters in preparation for the course.

I hope to greatly increase the amount of web related material available to the students, particularly in conjunction with the CPCs.

I also hope to add to the supplementary material in the appendices, including an alphabetical index and a high content factoid section.

Although there will be a lot of flexibility in the roles of the TAs, several things will be required:

   Helping to write and grading the placement exam

   Helping to write and grading the final exam

   Helping to write the make-up exam

   Helping to set up and take down the parasite labs on days when Dr. Basch lectures

   Teaching a weekly review session

   Keeping track of the student homework assignments

   Acting as an effective liaison between the students and the faculty

   Anticipating student needs with regard to the class

   Helping to update, correct, and improve the curricular materials including: Microbe, CWP, and the syllabus

   Helping with class setup on the days when Dr. Siegel lectures.

I expect TAs to be self-motivated and to anticipate, detect, and correct any problems that might interfere with the students' ability to master the course material.

Please note that a 25% (or 50%) TA is expected to put in a minimum of 10 (or 20) hours per week or a total of at least 100 (or 200) hours... NOT including class time. Although I hope you will enjoy and learn from sitting in on the class, you will not be required or even expected to attend.




Application questions


1) Describe how you would like to spend your time as an M&I 220B TA in order to most effectively enhance the course.





2) Describe specific ways in which you would contribute to improving the course reader.






3) In addition to the reader, propose as many ways as possible to improve the course for next autumn. Be as specific as possible.






4) What did you like most about last year's weekly TA review sessions and end-of-the-quarter reviews? Can you think of ways in which you might enhance those sessions in the coming year?






5) What is your availability to work on the course during spring, summer, and autumn quarters? (Please specify what other commitments and obligations you will have during those quarters.)






6) Describe any public health experience, computer skills, or other areas of expertise that you will bring to the course.






7) What teaching experience have you had?







8) Please list 1-2 references who can comment on your teaching (preferably) or research.