Robert Siegel

Solomon Leseriani
My Kilimanjaro Guide

+ My climbing dates:
July 9-15, 2003
+ Summit
July 14, 2003


MOBILE: 255-744-478 499

Also offers:
+ shorter hikes up Kili -

(I would highly recommend this for those who just want to see the beauty of the rainforest and the moorlands.)
Usually this is done using the Marangu route.
+ Safaris, Trekking to Masaai Land
tour of Masaai boma (traditional home)
trip to Oldonyo Lengai ("The Mountain of the Gods" in Masaai) - active volcano 2900 meters ASL
Viewing rock painting (Tanga and Singida regions)


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Modified: August 17, 2003
Created: August 10, 2003