Political Economics in Progress (PEPR)

Welcome to the political economics work in progress student network.  Our goal is to integrate research and eliminate wasted resources during our PhD by connecting students from top political economics programs who are working on related topics.  For more information, to join, or to propose activities, email Silvia Console Battilana, Founder,  at silviacb-at-stanford.edu.

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Harvard / MIT Seminar on Positive Political Economy  
Harvard  Research Workshop in Political Economy 
Harvard Graduate Student Political Economy Workshop  

Princeton Political Economy Workshop


Samuel J Abrams Harvard University sabrams@fas.harvard.edu
Congress, participation, educational testing
Current Research
Bocconi University gani.aldashev@uni-bocconi.it
Voter participation, lobbying, public goods Current Research
Anita Alves Pena Stanford University aalves@stanford.edu Empirical Public, Migration, Development  
Michele Biggi Princeton University (WWS) mbiggi@Princeton.EDU Macropolitical Economy, International Political Economy  
Filipe R. Campante Harvard University campante@fas.harvard.edu Economic Growth, Development, Political Economics, Applied Theory

Current Research

Eliana Carranza Harvard University eliana_carranza@ksg05.harvard.edu Political Economics, Development, Labor Economics and Social Protection
Systems (especially pension systems in Latin America).
Davin Chor
Harvard University chor@fas.harvard.edu
International Trade, Growth and Development, Political Economy, Economic History  
Nathan A. Collins Stanford University nac@stanford.edu Elections (especially turnout) Current Research
Silvia Console Battilana Stanford University silviacb@stanford.edu Political Economics, Lobbying, Electoral Systems, EU vs. USA Current Research
Michael Cutrone Princeton University, P. mcutrone@Princeton.EDU Political Economy, American Politics, Legislatures, Presidency, Separation of Powers Models  
Brendan Daley Stanford University (GSB) bdaley@stanford.edu Mechanism/Institutional Design, Social Choice Theory, Game Theory, Decision Theory    
Jon X Eguia
 Princeton University&Calltech
jeguia@Princeton.EDU An Explanation of Inefficient Redistribution: Transfers Insure Cohesive Groups,Citizen Candidates Under Uncertainty, United We Vote, Citizen Candidate Equilibria: Comparative Static Current Research
Kate Emans
Harvard University emans@fas.harvard.edu
political economy of environmental regulation; analysis of institutions for common-property natural resource management
Ruben Enikolopov Harvard University enikolop@fas.harvard.edu Political Economics and Psychology and Economnics.
Mario Gamboa-Cavazos Harvard University mgamboa@nber.org Corruption, Decentralization, and Federalism Current Research
Jason A. Grissom Stanford University (GSB) jgrissom@stanford.edu Economics and Politics of Education, Public Finance, Social Policy  
Wei Gu Harvard University weigu@fas.harvard.edu
International Finance, Public, Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Economics of Education
William Hauk Stanford University Bill.Hauk@stanford.edu International Trade Policy, Growth and Development Current Research
Benjamin Ho Stanford University (GSB) bho@stanford.edu Organizations, Political Institutions, Education, Psychology Current Research
Noam Kirson Harvard University kirson@fas.harvard.edu Welfare Economics, Public, Political Economy  
Nikitas Konstantinidis Princeton University, WWS nkonstan@Princeton.EDU Federations, Constitutional Arrangements of the EU, Political Economy of Foreign Aid  
Tao Li Harvard University li7@fas.harvard.edu Legislative Institutions  
Yinan Li Stockholm University yinan.li@ne.su.se Political Economics, Macroeconomics  
Jamus Jerome Lim University of California, Santa Cruz jamus@ucsc.edu International Finance, International Trade, Special Interest Politics, Political Economics Current Research
Peter Lorentzen Stanford University lorentzen@stanford.edu Political Economy and Development, Financial Market Institutions, Authoritarianism  
Daniel Mejía Brown University Daniel_Mejia@brown.edu
Inequality, human capital accumulation, political
economy of conflict
Current Research
Marc Meredith Stanford University marc.meredith@stanford.edu Education Economics, Empirical Political Economy Current Research
Gaia Narciso Bocconi University gaia.narciso@uni-bocconi.it Voter Turnout  
Scott Nicholson Stanford University swn@stanford.edu Lobbying Current Research
Elena Nikolova Princeton University, WWS Enikolov@Princeton.EDU Political Economy  
Jose Mauricio Prado, Jr. IIES/Stockholm University prado@iies.su.se Macroeconomics, Political Economics  
Quoc-Anh Do
Harvard University do@fas.harvard.edu Development economics, Economic growth, Applied econometrics, Political Economy
Current Research
Riccardo Puglisi LSE R.Puglisi@lse.ac.uk Political Role of Mass Media Current Research
Konstantinos Rokas Princeton University, E. krokas@Princeton.edu Political Economy, Industrial Organizations  
José Carlos Rodríguez Pueblita University of Pennsylvania joserp@econ.upenn.edu The Political Economy of Public Finances in Open Metropolitan Areas: Public Infrastructure and Mobility Current Research
Philipp Schnabl  Harvard University schnabl@fas.harvard.edu Development, Trade, Industrial Organization  
Gilles Serra Harvard University serra@fas.harvard.edu Elections, Voting Behavior, Redistribute Preferences, Experimental Economics Current Research
Cameron A. Shelton Stanford University (GSB) shelton2@stanford.edu Macro Political Economy, Labor Current Research
Alberto Simpser Stanford University asimpser@stanford.edu Developing Countries, Fraud and Elections, Government Responsiveness and Public Goods Current Research
Suphachol Suphachalasai
University of Cambridge ss413@cam.ac.uk Corruption, Mass Media, Environmental policy, Special interests

Current Research
Mirco Tonin IIES/ Stockholm University tonin@iies.su.se Political Economics, Labour Economics, Behavioral Economics Current Research
Francesco Trebbi Harvard University trebbi@fas.harvard.edu Applied Theory, Applied Econometrics, Political Economics Current Research
Daniel Velazquez-Nunez
 University of Pennsylvania dvnunez@econ.upenn.edu Effect of
poltical campaigns and social learning on voter behavior
Gernot Wagner Harvard University gwagner@fas.harvard.edu Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Growth and Development;
Sustainability, Environmental Macroeconomics, Green Accounting
Magnus Wiberg Stockholm University mawi@ne.su.se International Economics, Political Economy Current Research
Pablo Zoido Stanford University pzoido@stanford.edu Political Economics, Development Current Research