Symplectic Geometry Working Group

Fall 2019

This quarter we will go through Auroux's paper "Fukaya categories of symmetric products and bordered Heeagaard-Floer homology", arXiv link here and Lekili-Polishchuk's "Homological mirror symmetry for higher dimensional pairs of pants", arXiv link here


Date Speaker Topic Notes
10/1 Sara Intro to HMS; mirror symmetry for the 2D pair of pants Sara
10/8 Francois-Simon Lagrangian Floer theory and wrapped Floer theory Sara

10/15 Daren Heegaard Floer theory Sara

10/22 Joj Bordered Heegaard Floer theory Sara

10/29 Joj & Ciprian Bordered Heegard Floer contd; Bordered knot Floer

11/5 Ciprian Bordered knot Floer contd Sara

11/12 Sara Auroux Sara

11/19 Laurent Lekili-Polishchuk Section 3

12/3 Ikshu Lekili-Polishchuk Sections 4 -- 5