The Senior Reflection

in Biology

About TSR

The Senior Reflection is a three-quarter series of courses in the Biology Department that culminates in the execution, completion and exhibition of a creative project. BIO 196 meets in a small workshop format for 2 hours each week. During the fall quarter (196A), students brainstorm, explore various media, and develop a proposal for a specific project. They also identify appropriate mentors, from Stanford faculty and the immediate community, to support their projects’ scientific and creative components. In winter quarter (196B), students focus on the execution of their creative projects. In the spring quarter (196C), projects are completed, polished and prepared for public exhibition.

Past students have worked in a wide variety of creative media, including:
·    painting, drawing, and mixed media
·    sculpture and installation art
·    photography, film, and digital art
·    dance, theater, and music composition
·    fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and spoken word

To learn more about TSR projects from previous years, and for more information about the program, check out the (somewhat out of date but still informative) TSR website.

TSR director Andrew Todhunter is the author of three books including A Meal Observed, which won the PEN USA Literary Award for creative nonfiction. His story on blue holes in the Bahamas was a National Geographic cover story in August 2010. He wrote a cover story for National Geographic on the apostles that appeared in March 2012. TSR co-director Susan McConnell is a developmental neurobiologist and wildlife photographer. Sue's photos have been featured in magazines and exhibitions, and she is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.